SleekHeat™ Long John Top SleekHeat

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Product Description:

  • The long underwear for professionals
  • Provides a sleek silhouette as your base layer
  • Lightweight, luxurious fabric absorbs body moisture and converts it into warmth
  • Thin enough to wear under any attire
  • Super warm outdoors, temperature-controlled indoors

Fabric: SleekHeat

  • Keeps you warm when needed
  • Looks streamlined under clothes

57% Polyester, 37% Rayon, 6% Spandex

Problem: You shouldn’t need 12 layers to keep you warm in the winter. The majority of the thermal underwear on the market stretches out, shrinks, lacks a functional fly, and absorbs moisture.

What we did: We searched the globe for a manufacturing partner that could create high tech fabric that keeps you warm and dry, while keeping everything on the outside streamlined.

The thin and lightweight fabric (SleekHeat™) absorbs body moisture and converts it into heat, which keeps you warm.

Thin enough to wear under any pair of pants or top. Designed to maintain a sleek appearance by moving with (and not against) you.

What this means to you: Tommy John’s performance underwear doesn’t ride up your leg. The unique 360 Degree Polyester Stretch (performance) fabric stretches. in all directions your body moves during activity. What you’ll find with our performance underwear is that when it moves with you, it doesn’t ride or bunch up!

Wear to the office, wear to the gym, or for a night out on the town when it’s colder than a mother. We provide a functional foundation that helps you look and feel great.

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Gives you a tailored and form fitting look


Designed to work with professional attire


Moves with you and not against you. Non-restrictive to wear.

Reviews for SleekHeat™ Long John Top

Marc F

14 days ago , Kinderhook NY
Height: 5'7" Weight: 170 lbs. Chest: 40" Waist: 33" Size: Medium

Works as advertised

I have never worn undershirts with dress shirts but decided to try these after seeing how good the long underpants were. We have been having a cold winter in New York and I was glad to have a long undershirt to wear under my dress shirts the past few weeks. It has made a huge difference that has allowed me to stop wearing heavy sweaters to stay warm. Once I arrive in my office, I don't even notice that I am wearing an undershirt. I would give it five stars but I really wanted the V-necks which have been out of stock for months so I decided I could live with the regular U-neck. Still a great product. I'll definitely buy more when the V-necks become available again.

Tom H

about 2 months ago , Livonia MI
Height: 6'0" Weight: 140 lbs. Chest: 35" Waist: 29" Size: Medium

Sleeves Not Long Enough

The sleeves on the model appear to have a little extra length. This is deceiving. I wear a size Medium in the regular underwear. A large would be way too big. The sleeves are not long enough for me. A Medium Tall size would be just right.


Eliminates EFG™ (excess fabric gut)


Tailored Stretch™ Technology

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