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Women's Cheeky

The Cheeky cut is a sexy style of women's underwear that doesn’t rely on lace for an enticing look. Instead, it offers alluring coverage that meets you in the middle: not too much fabric, but not too little. (Just a peek!) Think of the Cheeky as a perfect medium between a thong and classic briefs - so you can show a little cheek without sacrificing support for your backside. 

Just like every style of undies we create, the cheeky is designed for enhanced functionality, so you can move, bend, and sit without worrying about wedgies or rolling waistbands. It comes in your choice of three versatile fabrics to help you meet the day.

Our Cool Cotton Collection can help you beat the heat with unbeatable breathability and upgraded moisture wicking that dries 4-5x faster than regular cotton. The Second Skin collection is silky soft and so comfortable you may never want to take them off. And our Air collection offers an unbelievably light fabric designed to dry quickly and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. It also comes with our “No Visible Panty Lines” guarantee, so you can wear them under whatever outfit suits your day.

Upgrade your underwear drawer with Tommy John, and don’t settle for anything you don’t love to wear! If you aren’t satisfied with a product the first time you purchase it, we’ll make it right. That means you can have fun experimenting with a new style of underwear every time you order, whether you want to experiment with the full coverage offered by a boyshort, or the risque look of a thong. 

Q: What is cheeky underwear?
A: Cheeky underwear is a happy medium between classic briefs and thongs. Briefs give you full bum coverage, and thongs bare it all - but the Cheeky cut shows just the right amount of cheek-peek. If you prefer something flirtier than classic briefs, but still want to give your bum a little contouring, the Cheeky cut may be the right choice for you. 
Q: What is the difference between cheeky and hipster?
A: Hipsters tend to have a high-rise waist and a wider side, which adds a little extra coverage on the sides and bum. Cheekies, on the other hand, won’t peek out under your low-rise pants. Both of them will come down to the top of your thigh from the front, but hipsters offer full coverage on your rear while cheekys are a bit more revealing.
Q: What is the most flattering underwear?
A: It depends on your body shape! Thongs, cheekies, and briefs both rise high on your thighs, so they tend to lengthen your leg. If your bum has a natural bounce that you’re trying to flaunt, you may prefer to wear a thong for special occasions. If you have a V-shaped bottom, you can opt for full coverage on your backside with boyshorts or briefs. And if you want a more streamlined appearance in the front and back, stick with the boyshorts. Ultimately, the most flattering underwear are the ones you feel best in.
Q: How to wear cheeky underwear?
A: Cheeky underwear goes great under denim. The extra material will give you some added coverage to prevent seams and pockets from digging into your skin, and it can also work to boost your cheeks for a more flattering backside in your favorite pair of jeans. Cheeky underwear is also a great choice if you prefer a little more modesty than a thong offers under tight or sheer fabrics.