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Women's Slip Shorts

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Women's Slip Shorts

Imagine summer is in full swing, and it’s finally time to break out that long, flowing dress or skirt. You’re staying stylish, and beating the heat... but do you have the right women's underwear for the occasion? Can you stop chafing in its tracks and make heat rash a thing of the past? 

If you have slip shorts, the answer is yes. Slip shorts are Tommy John’s solution to summer thigh sweat that lets you strut your stuff with maximum comfort. Our slip shorts  provide the same coverage and smoothing effect as a slip to shape your legs and hips under dresses. But they wear like bike shorts for extra coverage to guard your thighs from chafing. 

Slip shorts can function as an extra layer of protection under itchy or unpleasant fabric and jeans, as well as protect your fancier garments from sweat. You can streamline your legs and lift your bum for a flattering look that never gets old.

Tommy John is committed to crafting underwear with a perfect fit so you can move, sit, and bend without worrying about wedgies. The waistband is engineered to prevent rolling and riding up for an adjustment-free fit that won’t dig into your skin or show when you bend over. They also prevent panty lines in pants and keep you well covered no matter what your outerwear is doing on a windy day. They’re available in three different lengths to ensure maximum protection and versatility with your wardrobe, and you can pick from three luxurious fabrics. 

Our Cool Cotton collection is designed to maximize breathability, keeping you cool and dry when it’s hot out. Second Skin is silky soft like satin for a sensational feel you’ll love to live in. And our Air collection is lightweight for a barely-there sensation not unlike going commando. The seams are truly invisible so you can sport them under lightweight pants or dresses alike, and the Cool Cotton gusset will wick moisture away for extra freshness where it counts. 

If you prefer to bare a little more leg, we still have you covered. Every cut and style of underwear we create is designed with comfort in mind. Try our boyshorts to protect your thighs in your short shorts, or let your buns breathe with the most comfortable thong you’ll ever wear. Whichever style you go with, it comes with our best pair guarantee—if you don’t love them, they’re on us. 

Q: What are slip shorts?
A: Slip shorts are full coverage shorts designed for maximum coverage underneath your long, flowy skirts and dresses. They can protect your legs from chafing and keepy itchy or uncomfortable fabrics off of your skin. Slip shorts have a seamless design to prevent visible panty lines and lie smooth against your skin without bunching, slipping, or constricting your movement. 
Q: Why do you wear a slip?
A: A slip gives you protection from chafing and helps shape your dress. The High Coverage rise also adds an element of modesty by lightly smoothing out contours and dimples on your skin. They can even protect luxury fabrics from sweat and odors - and better yet, prevent skirt wedgies from ruining your look. 
Q: What length slip should I wear?
A: The ideal length for your slip is 2-3” shorter than your dress or skirt. This will give you enough leeway to sit, stand, or bend without showing off your underwear. Tommy John offers slip shorts in 7”, 8”, or 10” inseams so you can get the underwear you need for a flexible wardrobe. 

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