Why should I wear a Tommy John undershirt?
4 out of 5 men who try our products keep them and buy more. Men now have an option and Tommy John is happy to be the first brand that provides an undershirt that actually works. After you try one, you will understand.
How is your micro modal fabric different than other micro modal fabric shirts on the market?
Most modal fabrics “pill” after washing. Tommy John is the first men's brand to launch “non-pilling” micro modal in men’s underwear. Our non-pilling fabric technology allows our products to look and feel newer for longer compared to other brands. We are the only brand on the market that has this superior fabric technology in our products.
I’m not in that good of shape. Is this undershirt only for fit people?
Our undershirts are for men of all shapes and sizes. Tommy John is not a tee shirt, nor do we recommend you wear it by itself with a pair of jeans on the weekend. Men of all sizes have faced the same challenges with their undershirts riding up and bunching, regardless of how big they are. Tommy John is proud to be the first company to design an undershirt that hugs the body and stays tucked in, while giving you unmatched comfort and feel.
How is this undershirt different than other leading designers? Does it actually work?
Tommy John is proud to be the first company to design an undershirt that stays tucked in, while avoiding the EFG™ (excess fabric gut) appearance. Tommy John is a true undershirt (not a tee shirt). With its patent pending Tailored Stretch™ Technology, it ensures the undershirt never rides up, bunches, or comes untucked. Tommy John is designed to be invisible under clothes, eliminate bulk and will move with your body. It will make you will forget you’re wearing an undershirt (hence the Second Skin name).
Is this considered a “Shapewear” or “compression” shirt?
This is not shapewear or compression. Tommy John shirts are not restricting, compressing or difficult to put on and take off. We believe in absolute comfort. Our customer is the guy who is sick of buying box cut undershirts and wouldn’t be caught dead in the latest fad of uncomfortable men's shapewear (girdles, compression undershirts, spanx for men, etc). Tommy John undershirts contour your body, stay tucked in, and provide a slimming appearance. This is all due to our unique fit and fabric blend.
What size should I order?
Tommy John undershirts have a unique fit and our sizing is very simple, just go by your chest size. The days of sizing up for shrinkage is over. See the size chart in the Fit & Care section for the product you wish to order.
What stores are you carried in?
See our list of retailers.
Are your undershirts "moisture wicking"?
No. Moisture wicking fabrics (synthetic materials like polyester and nylon) don’t absorb water, so moisture (sweat) will get transferred from the body to the outer layer of the fabric and dampen your outershirt. Our undershirts are made from a Micro Modal blend, which will not wick moisture away from your body.
How do I care for the garments?
Please follow care instructions on the inside label of our products carefully to maintain the highest quality and longevity of your Tommy John products.


What type of underwear fly designs exist today in men’s underwear?
No Fly - This design does not have a fly opening. Men have to use the "up and over" method, when wearing this underwear (that’s a problem).
Vertical Fly - This design has several layers of fabric and is extremely non- functional. It is like trying to get out of maze to get outside (that’s a problem)
"Quick Draw" Horizontal Fly - Our exclusive design allows for quick access when nature calls and from a speed perspective has saved many of our customers time in the bathroom while reducing their drip rate.
How is Tommy John’s Second Skin underwear fly different?
Tommy John underwear has our "Quick Draw" fly opening. It is a horizontal fly, which provides a solution to the vertical and no-fly underwear you see in stores today. It is a "grab 'n go" option for guys who want unmatched functionality.
Is a fly opening really that important to men?
Yes! Tommy John has found that men who have a dress shirt tucked in, wear a belt, and have a zipper opening on their pants; prefer to unzip and go "through the door" instead of untucking everything. The "Quick Draw" fly allows you to stay totally tucked in with no garment adjustments necessary! The Quick Draw fly has also been known to reduce "drip rates" by up to 50%.


Can I change or cancel my order?
As we attempt to ship orders as quickly as possible, it may not be possible for us to handle your change or cancel request in time. Instead of e-mailing us, please call us at 1-800-708-3490 on Monday through Friday from 10am ET to 6pm ET to have the best chance at editing your order before it ships.