Ultimate Liner Sock Solid Color 2 Pack

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Product Description:

  • This two pack set contains two pairs of the color style shown
  • Reinvented with performance features, our liner socks function like no other.
  • InvisiGrip™ Technology gives sock best chance of staying put
  • Zoned cushioning provides increased support, comfort and extended wear
  • Y-Heel creates custom fit and eliminates bunching
  • Arch Support provides light compression and increases blood flow
  • Zoned ventilation keeps your foot cool and dry

Fabric: Liner Socks

  • The best liner sock your feet will ever meet.
  • 61% Combed Cotton, 33% Polyester, 5% Spandex, 1% Nylon

Why we created our socks: Our liner socks were created to address the constant frustration of liner socks that slip off your foot, develop holes after a few wears and fall apart quickly.

Reinvented with performance features, our liner socks function like no other.


If you're uncomfortable for any reason with your first pair of Tommy John, you can keep it and get a full refund. For full details, read more about our guarantee.

Customer Service

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InvisiGrip™ Technology

Grips foot to ensure sock stays put

Zoned Cushioning

Increased support, comfort, and extended wear


Creates custom fit and eliminates bunching

Arch Support

Light compression increases blood flow

Zoned Ventilation

Keep foot cool and dry

Reviews for Ultimate Liner Sock Solid Color 2 Pack

Steve L

about 1 month ago
Height: 6'3" Weight: 180 lbs. Chest: 41" Waist: 33" Size: 11-14

So Far, So Good

The first set of Ultimate Liner socks that I bought wore out quickly. I posted about it here, and someone from Customer Service made immediate contact and offered to send a replacement set of socks. The socks arrived, and I'm happy to report that after wearing them for a solid week, they remain perfect.

Great socks and even better customer support! I'm a fan for life (oh, and I love the second skin tanks and shorts - so awesome)!

Ronald S

20 days ago
Height: 5'6" Weight: 142 lbs. Chest: 40" Waist: 32" Size: Medium

Liner Socks

The liner socks are cool and made of a comfortable material. However, the heel constantly falls down and I have to pull it up. The product could be improved if the elastic in the heel was made stronger and tighter. I bought the liner socks to wear with boat shoes. They fit nicely when the shoes are first put on. But after only a brief period of walking, the socks fall off the heel. They can still be worn, but the heel problem is a definite annoyance.


Customer Service

We're sorry to hear the liner socks aren't working out well for you. Someone from the team will be reaching out to you shortly to assist.

Steve L

about 2 months ago
Height: 6'3" Weight: 180 lbs. Chest: 41" Waist: 33" Size: 11-14

Great cut, great fit, great feel - horrible durability

I purchased the two pack for use with some of my Vans slipons and had high hopes for the socks. Initial fit and feel were awesome. The socks stayed in place, fit perfectly, and sat low enough to stay hidden.

Unfortunately, both pair wore holes in the big toe area during their initial use. I've never had any sock of any type/brand/material wear out within a few hours of initial use. My toenails are kept very short, and I wasn't performing any strenuous activity while wearing the socks.

I needed to use them again so I flipped them around (left sock on right foot/right sock on left foot) so that the holes wouldn't get any bigger. The socks wore new holes in the exact same location - just above the big toe. Ugh. Looks like others are having similar issues, which is a shame because these are some great low profile socks.


Customer Service

We are sorry to hear about this issue with your liner socks. This is definitely not normal for our socks and your experience will be shared. We are happy to send replacements, so keep an eye out for them shortly.


Eliminates EFG™ (excess fabric gut)


Tailored Stretch™ Technology