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Tommy John is the best mens underwear on the planet and online because we have the most comfortable, modern designs and fits in sizes up to 4XL. Men's underwear is no longer restricted to classic cuts and classic fits. Forget tighty-whities, multipacks, or badly packaged three-packs of underwear or boxer shorts.

We have the softest underwear, the lightest underwear and the most comfortable men's underwear available. We have briefs, trunks, relax fit boxers, boxer briefs and square cut underwear. We have a horizontal Quick Draw® fly for quick access (left-hand-friendly), a contour pouch to nestle the boys, a stay-put waistband that never rolls or leaves marks, and a no wedgie guarantee. We have more colors than just black and white, we have striped underwear, patterned underwear, fun prints and seasonal designs. We have underwear made from natural cotton fibers, natural micro modal and moisture wicking, sweat-resistant, anti-odor (no smell) and anti-microbial (germ resistant) synthetic fabrics for working out. Our innovative stretch fabrics and designs make us the most comfortable men's underwear brand on the planet, and it is why Kevin Hart, Howard Stern, The New York Times, Esquire and GQ love our products. Our 'best pair you'll ever wear or it's free' guarantee means that if they aren't the best underwear you've ever worn, they're on us.