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Getting comfy for quarantine? Here are 3 must-have loungewear pieces 

Everyone’s adjusting to life as a homebody. Even people who love staying home are probably feeling a bit antsy these days. If there was ever a time to upgrade your cozy clothes, it’s now. 

After all, there’s no way of knowing how much longer we’ll be cooped up - so you might as well get comfy. And nothing is better for your comfort than relaxing in luxurious loungewear. We’re talking about clothing that’s unbelievably light and soft to the touch, and that won’t bunch or slide as you shift around on the couch during an hours-long binge-watching session. 

If you’re new to the world of loungewear, don’t fret! Tommy John has you covered. You’ll feel right at home in our versatile gear - whether you’re taking a walk, working on your computer, hanging out on the couch, or drowsing off to sleep. Here are the three crucial pieces of loungewear you need to get going.

1. The Lounge Jogger

Looking for some light, cozy pants you can wear all day, no matter what you have planned? Look no further than our mens lounge pants. While we all love a cozy pair of sleep pants, the jogger is designed to give you more freedom to move around. So if you’re inspired to try out a workout video or have a sudden urge to rearrange your furniture, you won’t need to change out of them. 

Lounge joggers - unlike many other comfortable pants - have functional pockets. They’re perfect for keeping your phone close without having to carry it from room to room, or for toting your keys if you need to take a stroll and get some fresh air. The tri-blend fabric is astonishingly soft and airy, but it’s still durable enough to stretch with you and keep its shape - even if you wear your jogger day in and day out.

For the ever-growing WFH crowd, business casual is getting a lot more casual. When you do have to “show up” for work on Zoom meetings, it’s nice to have something cozy that won’t embarrass you if you need to stand up during your call. And of course, our lounge joggers come with a stylish, tapered fit in an alluring range of colors. Available in men’s or women’s cut. 

2. The Lounge Henley

For more sophisticated loungewear that’s within shouting distance of professional attire, you’ll need to pick up a few Henleys. While the Henley was originally designed as an undershirt, its sleek appeal has lifted it up into a higher echelon of outerwear - something you can get away with on relaxed Fridays or a casual date.

Those cozy collarless shirts hug your body perfectly throughout the day, whether you’re moving or just chilling. Opening a few buttons can help you cool off or transition from work mode to play mode without having to open your closet. Better yet, the Henley is made from our Second Skin fabric that is so light and soft you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. If you have to sit through an extra fifteen minutes of a meeting while coworkers figure out how to unmute themselves, you may as well settle in and get cozy.

If you do have someone special to share quarantine with, you may be tempted to go with something a little more revealing for your loungewear. But no matter how sexy you look in a tank top, the soft, sleek sleeves of a Henley are truly a pleasure to cuddle up with. Available in men’s or women’s cut.

3. The Lounge Hoodie

Equally comfortable for lying around the house or taking a stroll outside, the lounge hoodie is the ultimate loungewear item for anyone stuck at home all day. Need to take a minibreak from work? Close your laptop, throw up the hood, and snuggle into a couch. This wearable blanket can help you catch a few midday Zs, even if your sleep schedule has recently gone out the window.

Once you try on the Tommy John lounge hoodie, you’ll immediately feel at home. It's a perfect fix if the people you live with like to crank up the AC. Better yet, the hood is useful for hiding your bedhead during a video chat - or hiding your eyes from the sun if you’re not quite ready to wake up yet. After a long day stuck at home, a lounge hoodie means you can melt into the couch after a stressful day without worrying about where your blanket went. 

Even if your house isn’t chilly, there’s something comforting about curling up snug in a hoodie. Like a soft, warm hug from an old friend. Listen, we’re not saying this hoodie can replace the human touch - but we do think you should take whatever comfort you can get during these difficult times. Find your new favorite hoodie. 

Our men's loungewear and women's loungewear are the best in the business. Take a look at our version of the 3 must-own lounge pieces.