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6 subtle perks that make the Henley the unsung hero of loungewear

The Henley has earned its place as a fashion staple for sophisticated men who want to look their best in casual settings - yet it goes mostly unappreciated. Not sure what a Henley is? Odds are you have at least one hanging in your closet or folded into one of your drawers. 

The Henley shirt is essentially the polo shirt’s collarless little brother - a little more laid back, yet effortlessly stylish. It comes equipped with the same buttons as a polo so you can set the tone for the day by buttoning up higher or lower. 

Like the polo, the Henley has its roots in sports. Henleys were originally designed to give rowers a durable top that could provide extra ventilation by opening the buttons. However, the look and comfortable feel of the knit cloth soon helped them become popular everyday shirts.

The banded collar and buttons elevate this unsung fashion hero into an unpretentious and casual (but not too casual) fashion staple that every man should integrate into his wardrobe ASAP. Here’s why:

1. It’s a style chameleon 

The lounge Henley is truly versatile, and a no brainer when you’re looking for something cozy to wear in and out of the house. Dressing it up or down is as simple as picking the right combinations to pair it with, and it works equally well under a sweater, sport coat, or worn on its own. You can pull off a half-tuck for a more put-together look or let your shirt hang loose and unbutton a little for a more relaxed style.

2. It’s perfect for layering 

The lounge Henley can add an extra layer of warmth without being too bulky. During transitional seasons when it’s hard to dress for the weather, you can shed your outer layers down to the Henley without losing any style points. Of course, Henleys can still be styled up for business casual events, and help you look respectable for informal parties and get-togethers in any season.

3. It offers year-round comfort 

The lounge Henley offers plenty of breathability and ventilation so you can protect your skin from the sun without overheating in the summer, and it’s the great foundation for a winter wardrobe. (As we said above, layering is everything.) The soft, smooth fabric is perfectly pleasant for lazing about the house while you catch up on your streaming content, and you won’t have to worry about changing into something more presentable if you need to make a coffee or beer run (or jump into a Zoom meeting). 

4. It’s a mature alternative to a tee

While a t-shirt can sometimes look sloppy, the Henley’s buttons always add a sophisticated touch. The lounge Henley is snug and form-fitting to accentuate your chest and shoulders without being too showy or making your torso look square. Of course, you don’t have to dress to impress everywhere you go - but looking your best never requires extra effort with a Henley. 

5. No collar to fuss with

Polos have more than earned their place in everyday fashion, but the Henley lets you look good without worrying about how your collar sits on your neck. Sporting the collarless look with a Henley lets you embrace your casual side without coming off as lazy or unfashionable, and you certainly won’t feel the need to change into something more comfortable when you head back home. Henleys are a refined way to show up without looking like you’re trying too hard, but you can still make a good impression.

6. A tasteful way to show a little skin 

The buttons on the Henley let you quickly transition into a more relaxed state so you can show off a respectable portion of your chest in a casual setting. And turning down the charm is as simple as buttoning up. Henleys aren’t nearly as loud and proud as walking around in a tank top, which means you won’t turn any heads if you meet up with friends at a bar or brunch spot while letting a little chest peek through. 

The bottom line 

The lounge Henley is here to stay, and if you’re not taking advantage of its refined look and unbeatable comfort... well, that’s on you. But in 2021, we can use all the help we can get to relax. That’s why Tommy John has created the perfect Henley to help you stay cozy without losing any points for style. 

Crafted from our silky soft Second Skin material and built to stretch where you need it without losing its shape, this is the top that will always end up on the top of your stack when you do laundry. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t, and you only need to try it on once to cast aside your doubts.