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6 Reasons diehard briefs fans are making the switch to trunks

It’s been a few decades since boxer briefs made their debut, throwing a wrench into the famous boxers vs briefs debate. They’ve since seized the crown as the go-to choice, with more men choosing boxer briefs than the classic styles. 

Trunks are a more recent fashion advancement in men’s underwear, designed to split the difference between briefs and boxer briefs. And while they haven’t overcome boxer briefs just yet, more and more men are choosing trunks for their preferred underwear style. Here’s why.

They’re more comfortable for desk jobs

Working in an office (including your home office) involves a lot of sitting, which can lead to uncomfortable chafing as the day wears on. With trunk-style underwear, less fabric means more freedom, so you can stay comfy if you’re stuck at your desk all day. 

Tommy John has crafted underwear that’s truly hands-free, so you’ll never have to sneak off to the bathroom to make adjustments. Wedges, bunching waistbands, and tangled leg openings are a thing of the past when you’re wearing our premiums undies. Our Second Skin collection is the perfect choice for office attire - soft, luxurious fabric that makes you feel right at home wherever you’re wearing them.

They’re great for stretching

Another added benefit from just a little less fabric? Trunks will give you a full range of movement for yoga sessions, while making lunges and mountain climbers that much easier. They’ll simplify your flexibility training so you can enjoy your stretching exercises without feeling constricted. While boxer briefs are typically better for high intensity workouts, especially running, trunks still offer plenty of coverage and ample support so you can minimize the chafing and bouncing that can make workouts impossible.

Need even more support? Consider the hammock pouch. Our 360 Sport Hammock Pouch Trunk will lift and separate your goods for a low impact workout that will put batwing to an end. The fabric is designed to stay in place no matter what pace you’re moving at, and the anti-microbial and moisture-wicking fabric will handle sweat and prevent you from stinking up the locker room. 

They’re cooler in the summertime

The hotter it gets outside, the less you want to wear. Trunks have less fabric to maximize breathability and minimize sweaty fabric on your skin. While you could say the same about brief underwear, you also run the risk of getting heat rash without any protection on your thighs, and no one wants to walk around bow-legged so they can stay comfortable. 

The Cool Cotton collection is great for everyday wear, especially in the summertime. This advanced fabric dries faster than standard cotton and can keep you up to 7X cooler on those days when you need all the relief from the heat you can get. 

They let you rock your short shorts

If you like to wear your shorts a little shorter, boxer briefs can be an issue. The lower leg can peek out, and that’s not a good look on anyone. Trunks solve this problem. They stay discrete but still offer you enough coverage to protect your thighs while wearing your favorite pair of track shorts or denim cutoffs. 

You can show off those thighs

When your hard work at the gym starts to pay off, our trunks are more than happy to let you show off those muscle gains. After all trunks ride much higher on the thigh than boxer briefs, which means you can strut those thighs around in full view.

For this same reason, boxer briefs aren’t always flattering on shorter men. They tend to make your legs appear shorter because of how far down the leg they run. With men's trunks, you can feel confident with the way you look in your skivvies. The form-fitting cut will give your rear end a nice boost and streamline your legs and belly, enhancing your natural physique. 

They’re fashion forward

Trunks are like boxer briefs’ flashier little brother - and the way their popularity is growing, they might even give boxer briefs a run for their money. The square cut offers a modern look that won’t be mistaken for your dad’s tighty-whities, while still showing just enough skin to be more risque than boxers or boxer briefs. 

But hey, your underwear doesn’t own you. There’s no reason you have to commit to one style or another when it comes time to buy new underwear. Every time you dress for an occasion, you can start with that most important bottom layer. So expand your underwear collection and give yourself as many options as you like! Whether you’re feeling flashy or just want to chill out in the comfiest pair of boxers you’ve ever owned, we’ve got you covered. And as always, if you don’t love your first pair of new Tommy John undies, you won’t have to pay for them.