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Different by design: 5 hot features all women's underwear should have

1. Non-pilling fabric 

Ever bought a great pair of panties (or a sweater, for that matter) only to have them come out of their first wash looking lumpy and ratty?

“Pilling” is what happens when some fibers loosen from the garment’s fabric. The loose fibers then tend to roll up into little cloth-boogers. Grossed out? You should be. This process ages the appearance of a clothing item fast. 

On sweaters, pilling makes for a sloppier look, though it sometimes blends in with chunkier knits and textures. In underwear, though, this fabric flaw is totally unforgivable, since it ruins an otherwise sleek look and makes the garment (if not the wearer!) look frumpy.

Different fabrics can be more or less susceptible to pilling, with the most egregious showing signs of it after a single wash. More commonly, it takes a bit longer for pilling to show up. 

In any case, the difference in the quality of the garment is noticeable. If you’ve ever taken used clothing to an upscale consignment store, for example, this may be one of the characteristics the staff check for before accepting a piece for resale. 

All of Tommy John’s women’s panties in the Second Skin collection employ micro modal fabric that doesn’t pill. And the super soft fabric is made from natural beechwood fibers to boot.

2. Cotton gusset

The gusset is the interior lining of your underwear at the crotch. Whatever the rest of your underwear is made of, a cotton gusset is standard these days. That’s because cotton is eminently breathable. 

Letting your lady bits breathe is important for a couple of reasons:

First, your health. Moisture buildup can nourish bacteria and encourage overgrowth. In this region of your body, that can lead to a yeast infection or urinary tract infection. At that point, it doesn’t matter how sexy those panties look. They’ve failed you in their most important function: protecting your body. 

Other good reasons behind breathable cotton gussets in women’s underwear include comfort & confidence — persistent moisture and sweat can cause chafing, itchiness, and generally distracting self-consciousness.

All of Tommy John’s women’s panties feature advanced Cool Cotton gussets for extra breathability. Our Cool Cotton is a leg up over regular cotton, keeping you two to three times cooler and drying four to five times faster than the widespread industry standard. 

3. Moisture management fabrics

The gusset isn’t the only part of your underwear prone to moisture issues. Long periods spent sitting, hot and humid weather, and movement that works up a sweat are all ways moisture can gather in this general region of your body and its most intimate layer of attire. 

For that reason, a great pair of panties should be designed with attention to this issue throughout the garment. 

Some synthetic fabrics don’t absorb moisture at all, which means it can pool against your skin or pour right through your clothing in the worst cases. Cotton, and some other natural fibers, are great for moisture absorbency. And high-tech fabrics meant for athletic wear tend to wick moisture away from the skin to keep you and the garment itself as dry as possible.

Tommy John’s Air Collection of women’s panties boasts moisture-wicking, anti-microbial proprietary fabric. They dry so fast you can wash them in the sink, hang them up, and wear them just a few hours later.

4. No-roll, no-pinch waistband

When comfort is a priority, a well-designed waistband is a must. You can tell a great waistband from what it doesn’t do: pinch, budge, or roll over the stomach.  A great waistband will hold your underwear in place without bulking out or carving into your skin. 

Unlike most women’s underwear makers, Tommy John insists first on comfort and functionality in our designs, then builds great style onto that wearable foundation. We did it first for men’s underwear and we demand no less of our newer women’s line. 

Because whatever your gender, however sexy or stylish your underwear, no one looks good fidgeting with their undies. Tommy John’s stay-put waistbands help make our “No Adjustments Needed” motto a reality.

5. No-budge, no-bunch design

Rounding out a great underwear design is fabric and construction that eliminates bunching and wedgies to improve your appearance and ensure your comfort. 

After all, great panties are something you don’t ever have to think about it, because you don’t have to. If they’re working well for you, they’re invisible to you and everyone else. They don’t bunch, migrate to uncomfortable locations, or appear lumpy through clothing. They don’t ruin your great style or your confidence by forcing you to make frequent adjustments when you wear them.

Fabric should be sleek, stretchy, soft, durable, and 100% bunch-free. Construction should be tailored to allow for a precise fit. All Tommy John women’s underwear is designed to liberate you from awkward bunching, wedgies and the need for adjustment. 

The Bottom Line

Tommy John apparel places the three Fs — Fabric, Fit and Function — at the forefront of our designs. This has made us a pioneer in women’s underwear in particular, which for too long has sacrificed comfort and utility in pursuit of style. 

We think women shouldn’t have to choose between a great-looking pair of panties and a comfortable one. Now, they don’t have to. With Tommy John’s women’s underwear, women have plenty of choices, but style vs. comfort isn’t one of them