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Essential Hiking Gear For Men

As a guy, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your underwear. Sure, you have your preference when it comes to briefs, boxers, or that infamous hybrid, the boxer brief. But most mornings, you probably just grab whatever’s clean and handy.

But when you’re hiking, you shouldn’t be as easy going when it comes to covering up. There’s a reason they call it braving the elements: you and your underwear need to be ready to withstand the rugged terrain and inclement weather that are part and parcel of the great outdoors.

So whether you’re exploring the mountainous regions of the 100-Mile Wilderness or spending the day conducting outdoor research at the nearest forest preserve, here’s what every man should consider before choosing the best hiking underwear.

Choose the Right Fabric

When it comes to hiking underwear, men’s bodies require three things:

  • Breathability
  • Comfort
  • Support

If you want to cosplay as Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett, your hiking underwear should promote movement while still holding everything in place. But most of all, your men's underwear should keep you cool, dry and can hopefully withstand odor.

That means your standby cotton or wool drawers probably won’t cut it. Feel free to go all-natural when it comes to your power snacks and protein bars—but for your undies, opt for a synthetic fiber, like nylon, polyester, rayon, or a blended synthetic fabric.

Why? Because when you’re hiking, the right synthetic material is:

  • Breathable
  • Moisture (moisture-repellent & quick drying)
  • Durable

With our comfortable, lightweight Air Mesh fabric and innovative pouch to keep you secure, Tommy John’s Air Hammock boxer briefs offer premium support and breathability. Fast-drying, anti-microbial, and fitted with a quick-draw horizontal fly for when nature calls, they’re the best men’s underwear for hiking.

Choose the Right Underwear Style

As much consideration as you put into your hiking pants, hiking socks, or rain jackets, fabric is only the first thing you should consider when you’re choosing your hiking underwear. Next, you need to decide on a style. For most men, that means choosing between three usual suspects:

Whether you go with the freedom of a boxer short, the structure of briefs, or the middle ground of a boxer brief is up to you—the best men’s underwear for hiking is the pair you feel most comfortable in.

That said, each style comes with pros and cons that can influence your decision and your wilderness fun. Here’s what you should know.


Basic briefs can be the perfect hiking underwear for men who prize maximum support and minimal coverage. They cradle your manhood without giving your thighs unnecessary coverage.

  • Pros – The support that comes with a well-fitting pair of briefs can help protect your tender regions from pain and injury caused by unexpected shifting and movement.
  • Cons – Briefs leave your thighs exposed, so if you’re prone to rubbing or chafing, it might be best to avoid them. Additionally, if you find briefs to be too constricting on a regular day, you’re not likely to enjoy the feeling anymore when you’re dodging woodland obstacles or trekking up steep inclines.

Looking for a pair of briefs to keep you cool and collected on your next hike? Tommy John’s Air Briefs combine our lightweight, Air Mesh fabric with the comfort and control you expect from your favorite briefs.


If you’re a guy who needs a little more freedom below the waist, a good pair of boxer shorts might be the best men’s underwear for hiking.

  • Pros – Longer and looser than briefs, boxers can provide extra coverage for your thighs and upper legs. This can help prevent the chafing that can occur during long hikes. In cooler climates, this may also help you stay warm below the waist.
  • Cons – Although all that extra fabric can be nice, too much can result in extra sweating. Moreover, it can lead to bunching and shifting, making your shorts more of a nuisance than a benefit.

Boxer Briefs

On a hike, boxer briefs can be a man’s best friend. They’re the perfect cross between the support of a brief and the freedom of boxers without the negative qualities of either.

  • Pros – Boxer briefs give you the support of traditional briefs without the discomfort that can come from constricting gussets, inseams, and leg openings. They can also help keep your skin from rubbing together.
  • Cons – Although there isn’t as much extra material as boxers, what’s there can still contribute to extra moisture and irritation at the seam if your skin is sensitive to fabric textures.

Tommy John’s Air Boxer briefs with a hammock pouch combine breathability with support for a pair of underwear that you can take into the woods.

Tommy John: Your Hiking Companion

Whether you choose briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs, the best mens hiking underwear are ones that keep you comfortable, supported, and free from mid-hike chafing.

When you need a pair of underwear to keep you functional, cool, and dry, you need Tommy John. All of our men’s underwear offers the barely-there comfort and adjustment-free function that every man needs, no matter what adventure or hiking trip is coming his way.

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