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Underwear that Lasts: Tommy John's Guide to Keep Your Skivvies in Shape

Knowing how long to keep your underwear and how to care for them properly is essential for maintaining good hygiene and comfort. But how do you know when to replace your underwear or how to care for them properly?

This article will cover everything from your undies' standard lifetime to the best fabrics to invest in and how to properly wash and care for your underwear to ensure they last as long as possible. By following these tips and tricks, you can help your underwear last till its ripe old age!

How Long Should Underwear Last?

Underwear is a daily essential that everyone wears. Having clean and well-fitting underwear made of high-quality and breathable materials is key to creating the most comfortable underwear for women. But how long does underwear typically last? And when should you replace your old underwear with new ones?

The lifespan of underwear depends on several factors: material, frequency of use, and care instructions. Generally, underwear made from high-quality materials lasts longer than those made from lower-quality materials. Similarly, underwear worn less frequently lasts longer than those worn daily. Finally, how you care for your underwear daily also affects its lifespan.

How to Know When to Replace Your Underwear

Even with proper care, underwear eventually wears out and should be tossed. This is true for tossing old men’s boxers briefs, too! Here are some signs that your underwear is past its prime and needs to be replaced:

Holes and tears: It's time to change your underwear if it has holes or tears. Holes are not only ugly, but they can also be painful and cause chafing.

Color loss: Underwear can fade over time due to regular washing and exposure to sunshine. It's time to replace your underwear if the colors have faded.

Elasticity loss: Over time, the elastic in underwear can wear out, resulting in a sloppy fit and discomfort. If your underwear no longer comfortably hugs your body, it's a sign to say goodbye.

Odor: Even when washed often, underwear can develop an unpleasant odor over time. If your underwear smells bad after washing, it's time to go.

Wedgies: If you start getting wedgies in certain pairs of your underwear, this is a sign that it’s time to say goodbye. If you get wedgies in new undies, check out these tips and tricks to prevent wedgies.

When Should You Replace Your Underwear?

While there is no hard and fast rule for how frequently you should replace your underwear, experts recommend doing so every six to twelve months. If your underwear shows signs of wear and tear before six months, you should replace it sooner. Similarly, if you experience any discomfort or skin irritation, it's time to change your underwear.

Men's and Women's Underwear Distinctions

While both men and women have similar underwear lifespans, there are notable variances in the sorts of underwear they use. Men wear briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs, whereas women wear panties or thongs. Furthermore, women's underwear is more fragile and requires more meticulous maintenance than men's.

Best Underwear Washing and Drying Techniques

Washing and drying are two critical factors in your underwear's lifespan. Following the finest washing and drying techniques is critical to keep your underwear in good shape.

Delicates Bag

Delicates Bag for underwear

When washing your underwear, always use a delicates bag: This will help to protect your underwear from becoming stretched or damaged during the wash. Need help figuring out what a delicates bag is? Fear not! A delicate's bag is a little mesh bag where you can place your underpants before washing them. They can be found at convenience stores or easily ordered online. This will protect your skivvies from catching on other garments or becoming twisted in the washing machine.

Wash on Gentle & Cold


Wash on Gentle & Cold

Always machine wash your delicates on cold and use the gentle cycle. Why, you may ask? Hot water will shrink your undies, and the heavy-duty process can cause damage to the delicate fabric of your underwear. Machine wash your underwear in cold water and use the gentle cycle to ensure thoroughly cleaned undies without causing any damage.

Skip the Fabric Softener and Bleach

Skip the Fabric Softener and Bleach

While fabric softener makes your underwear feel softer, it can also cause the fabric to deteriorate faster. Instead of using fabric softener, try rinsing your underwear with vinegar. Adding a splash of white vinegar to the rinse cycle will break down any soap residue, leaving your underwear feeling soft and fresh. Another suggestion for extending the life of your underwear is to avoid using bleach. Bleach is a strong chemical that can cause fabrics to weaken and break down over time.

Line Dry vs. Using a Dryer

Line Dry vs. Using a Dryer

To avoid the heat from the dryer causing shrinkage and damage to your underwear’s elasticity, hang your underwear to dry. Line drying is the gentlest way to dry your underwear and will help extend its lifespan.

Reshape Before Drying

Gently reshape your underwear before hanging it to dry. This will aid in preserving its shape and prevent it from stretching out of shape. Reshape the waistband and leg openings and straighten out any seams or creases.

How to Store Your Underwear

Proper storage can also help your underwear last longer. Here are some pointers to remember:

Don't Overstuff Your Drawer: Overstuffing your drawer can result in crushed and deformed underwear. Instead, allow some space in your drawer to prevent this.

Sort Your Underwear: Sorting your underwear by kind can help keep it orderly and protect it from harm. Consider keeping your regular underwear separate from your special occasion or workout underwear.

Fold Your Underwear: Carefully folding your underwear might assist in minimizing stretching and misshapenness. It also makes locating your favorite pair of lucky undies easier when needed. Folding your underwear is especially helpful to save room when packing for a trip.

Long-Lasting Materials for Your Underwear

Choosing suitable materials for your underwear can also help it last longer. Here are some materials to consider:

Cotton: Organic cotton is a popular material for underwear because it is soft, breathable, and long-lasting. Look for organic cotton that is thick enough and thick enough.

Modal: Modal is a type of rayon derived from beech trees. It's soft, lightweight, and stretchy, making it an excellent choice for form-fitting underwear.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material that is becoming increasingly popular for regular underwear. It's soft, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic textile recognized for its toughness and stretchability. It's an excellent choice for underwear that needs form-fitting and shape-retaining.

Tommy John's Air fabric is a major game-changer in the underwear world. It's exceptionally lightweight at only 2oz, making it ideal for everyday wear and travel. The anti-microbial characteristics keep you fresh and clean, while the quick-drying technology keeps you ready to go. Plus, with the no VPL (Visible Panty Line) guarantee, you may confidently wear your tightest trousers. The Cool Cotton gusset adds a layer of comfort and enhanced freshness and breathability. Trust us when we say you'll never want to wear anything else after trying Tommy John's Air fabric.

Other Methods for Making Your Underwear Last Longer

Here are some more ideas and techniques for extending the life of your underwear:

Underwear Rotation: Rotating your underwear might help avoid wear and tear. Try to avoid wearing the same pair of underpants on consecutive days.

Wear Looser Clothing: Tight clothing can cause your underwear to stretch out and lose form. To avoid this from happening, wear looser clothing.

Nail Care: Long nails can cause holes or tears in your underwear. To keep this from happening, keep your nails clipped.

Tommy John Underwear is Built to Last

Tommy John is the best option for individuals looking for long-lasting, high-quality underwear. Their women's briefs are meant to provide complete, soft covering and support while complimenting your backside shape. The super-soft waistband stays in place and won't show through low-rise jeans, making them ideal for everyday wear - comfortable enough for work, sleep, or even the gym. Tommy John has various fabric options to suit your needs, including their Cool Cotton collection for breathable everyday wear and their Air Collection for a feather-light, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial stretch fabric that feels commando without sacrificing protection. The new comfort smoothing fabric delivers lightweight smoothing without feeling constrictive, and the laser-cut seams ensure no visible panty lines. Tommy John prioritizes comfort, focusing on material, fit, and function to create underwear that is both comfortable and fashionable.

Give Your Undies the TLC They Deserve

By following these tips and tricks, you can extend the life of your underwear and set them up for a long and happy life in your top drawer. Remember to get high-quality underwear, such as Tommy John, in various styles and fabrics to suit your tastes. You can avoid wear and tear by changing your undergarments, avoiding tight clothing, and clipping your nails. Furthermore, good underwear care, such as washing it in cold water and avoiding the dryer, can help extend its longevity. Following these simple steps ensures that all types of underwear remain comfortable, supportive, and in good condition throughout their lifespan.


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