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Introducing the Most Comfortable Bras on the Planet

Over a decade ago, I founded Tommy John with my now-husband Tom Patterson. Our goal from the very beginning was to identify the problems consumers face with their underwear and apparel, and provide solutions that previously didn’t exist in the market. Through the use of premium fabrics, fits that compliment the way the body moves, and problem solving functionality we have reimagined men’s and women’s underwear and apparel. 

We’ve always supported men and women of substance, taking away their daily distractions so they can focus on living a life free from adjustment. 

Now, after two years of extensive product development we are finally offering bras and bralettes that are the solution to all the poking, pinching, slipping and readjusting women have experienced with their bras. 

We believe you should never have to adjust in any aspect of your life. We’re not solving the female experience—this is just a bra after all—but once you stop thinking about having to adjust your bra, you can start thinking about not adjusting throughout your life. We want you to stop adjusting who you are - your personality, your body, your aspirations - and let your bra adjust to you.

Okay so enough of the Bra - Blah Blah. What sets Tommy John Bras apart?

Glad you asked! We’re introducing Bras with Fit Flexibility. The truth is, the shape and size of a woman's body fluctuate regularly, so her size and needs are never static. We’re launching a versatile collection of bras and bralettes that can adjust with her changing needs and provide an enhanced—and above all, comfortable— wearing experience all day, every day.

This introductory collection of Bras and Bralettes includes six styles in two fabrications; Second Skin and Cool Cotton.

Second Skin Bra Collection

Silky soft, smooth and luxurious—who doesn’t want that feeling close to their body? Our Second Skin fabric is ridiculously soft, non-pilling (no annoying fuzz after a wash) fabric that stay put throughout the day, because you can’t.

Lightly Lined Demi 

We revolutionized how a bra should support you. We engineered Embedded Flexible Support, a metal-free upgrade to wires that make this a bra unlike any you’ve worn before. Supportive, soft, smooth and above all, comfortable.

Lightly Lined Wireless

We never dug digging, so we re-engineered the bra with fit flexibility and invented the ComfortStrength™ Wing. This pull over-style with wireless lightweight support and fully adjustable straps promise no pinching, poking, slipping, bunching or gaping.

Scoop Bralette

We raised the Bralette standard (along with everything else) thanks to the lift and support provided by our innovative Built-In Power Mesh Support. Plus, we removed all hardware, making this the softest, most comfortable and stable Bralette in our line up.

Triangle Bralette

Available in expanded sizing for a custom fit, this is a Bralette unlike any you’ve worn before. Our innovative ComfortStrength™ Band and Built-In Power Mesh Support provide unparalleled comfort and support. The removable pads along with the fully adjustable and convertible straps make this the most versatile bralette you’ll ever need.

Cool Cotton Bra Collection

No matter the season, stay cool and comfortable in soft, breathable, moisture-wicking Cool Cotton fabric. It keeps you 2-3x cooler and dries 4-5x faster than regular cotton keeping you dry, breezy and completely comfortable.

Lightly Lined Wireless

Crafted from our cooling Cool Cotton fabric, this is truly the world’s breeziest Bra. Our innovative perforated cup lining allows for extra airflow and added breathability all day, every day. This bra is also jam packed with versatile features and benefits like the extended four-row extended back closure and fully adjustable straps.

Scoop Bralette

The most breathable bralette you’ve ever worn, plus it lifts, supports, and separates—goodbye uni-boob.

The best part? We’re only just beginning. You can expect more sizes, styles and fabrications to launch in 2020 and beyond.

Check out our bra size chart for more detailed information! We also have our bra sister size chart for reference.

Ta-Tas for now!

- Erin Fujimoto, Co-Founder of Tommy John