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How to Style Your Loungewear to Wear Out this Fall

You don’t have to be a homebody to appreciate the appeal of your loungewear looks. After all, the clothes you wear at home are made from soft, forgiving fabrics that are comfortable enough to, well, sleep in.

That’s why you love them so much—they move with you, keep you cool, and help you relax.

It’s only natural if you want to take that kind of comfort with you wherever you go. But sometimes, your loungewear pieces on their own aren’t quite enough to create the aesthetic you’re after. But even if you’re someone who loves to make sartorial statements and express yourself through the clothes you wear, you can still get away with loungewear in public.

The secret? Up styling.

Making mens loungewear and womens loungewear street ready is perfectly in tune with modern fashion’s obsession with athleisure. It’s no longer a faux pas to wear loungewear in public. And when it comes to elevating your loungewear style when it’s time to leave the house, there’s this guide.

Amp Up Your Accessories

One of the easiest ways to take your loungewear style to the next level is by adding accessories to your look. Your sweatshirts, leggings, and other cozy sleepwear might not be much on their own, but by layering on accessories like jewelry, hats, and purses, you shift from chill to chic in a matter of seconds.1

When it comes to accessories, you can go as grand and bold or as muted and minimal as you want. Just think of your casual loungewear as a blank canvas, simple and versatile enough to complement all of your favorite fashion extras.

To start styling, here are some of our favorite accessories to match with your loungewear pieces:

Jewelry –From earrings and necklaces to bracelets, bangles, and rings, jewelry is an excellent way to up-style loungewear. To refine your look, go for fine gold or platinum pieces that glint with luxury. If you favor a more whimsical, street-fashion approach, choose chunky, acrylic pieces in bold, vibrant colors.

Hats and headwear –If you’re just running to the grocery store in your sweats, popping on a simple baseball cap completes your casual, incognito look. A bucket hat can put a trendy spin on your ensemble, while other headwear like scarves and headbands offer a 70s-era, boho-chic vibe.

Bags, bags, bags –Purses and bags are practical accessories because they help you carry your personal belongings with you. But they also have awesome potential to alter an entire loungewear look. You’ve got options here. Designer purses can transport your loungewear style from the sofa to the runway, while tote bags, shoulder bags, or fanny packs are styles that can keep your look in step with the times.

Go Glam

Can you wear loungewear in public? The answer is yes. But if you want to wow in your at-home clothes, you might need to elevate your look in other ways.

Our suggestion? Go glam.

A little glamor never hurt anyone, and it certainly never hurt an outfit.

So don’t be afraid to match your loungewear look with a full face of makeup, a spectacular hairdo, and a fresh manicure. The seriousness and sense of occasion projected by supermodel-worthy makeup is the perfect way to inject laidback loungewear with a dose of high fashion.

Statement Sets

When it comes to making your loungewear appropriate for public places, never underestimate the power of matching sets.2 A loungewear set is slightly more intentional than separates but just as comfy. Chic loungewear sets retain comfort but don’t sacrifice fashion while doing so.

With statement sets, color is your keyword.

Sets in dark, muted colors add formality to the look, while bright colors like reds, greens, and oranges are more playful and feisty. They’re perfect for casual hangouts with friends or going to the movies, but for those events that are a touch more reserved, opt for darker colors.

On the other hand, sets with prints, patterns, and other designs can make an even louder statement. Consider options like tie-dye sweat sets or floral-printed pants and top combos. There are many ways to pull off a matching loungewear set.

Depending on your style, you can go for:

  • Hoodie and sweatpants set
  • Henley and joggers set
  • Tee and shorts set

Dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers are also stellar loungewear options you can wear in other places besides the bedroom. And if you’re venturing to truly push boundaries, get women pajamas set made from silk. Our silk-like lounge fabric is not only considered the best fabric for sleepwear, but is glamorous and just eccentric enough to turn heads on the street.

Let Your Shoes Do the Talking

Often with outfits, everything comes down to the shoes. Keep that in mind when you’re styling loungewear to wear out of the house.1 You might be tempted to step into an old, beat-up pair of tennis shoes or a regular pair of flip-flops.

Before you do, just think of all the phenomenal shoe styles you could slip on.

When you’re working from the basic silhouette of most loungewear, the shoes you pair with it are going to be instrumental in the success of the final look. To spark some of your creativity, here are some ideas for shoes to wear with your loungewear:

Heels and wedges – Although you might not think of matching your joggers or sweats with high heels, you absolutely should if you’re thinking of wearing your loungewear in public. A pair of heels is a stylish way to elevate any look, literally. Your loungewear is no exception.

Fashionable flats –Then again, you can stay a bit closer to the ground and still make a statement with your shoes. Ballet flats or slippers in bright colors, fun prints, or exciting textiles can also turn your loungewear style up a notch.

Statement sneakers –These days, street fashion is everywhere, and sneakers are an iconic part of the movement. Rocking a pair of statement sneakers with your athleisure outfit keeps on-trend and adds intentionality and flair to your look.

Slay in Layers

Loungewear is incredibly versatile and easy to pair with a diverse range of other garments. That includes your favorite pieces of outerwear. That’s why laying on the layers is a crafty answer for how to style loungewear fashionably.

Ideas for layering up your loungewear include:

Coats – When the weather starts to cool, you might be even more tempted to wear your warm, comfy loungewear outside. Fortunately, you can use your winter coat to style your knitted casuals for the daytime.Puffer coats, faux fur, pea coats—you have several options here, depending on the exact look you’re going for.

Jackets and blazers –Wearing a hoodie under a blazer is most often a way to dress a jacket down. But it works in reverse fashion, too. For something more put together, pair a hoodie with a blazer and a good pair of jeans. Light jackets and windbreakers can go over your casual henleys or cotton tees.

Shawls and wraps –A simple wrap or shawl over your loungewear adds a certain grace and sophistication to a very simple look. On the other hand, they can do double duty by dressing up your look and maximizing comfort and warmth if you’re attending an outdoor event like a bonfire or football game.

Mix It Up

Sometimes, finding loungewear to wear out means mixing and matching it with other clothes in your wardrobe.1 Slouchy, oversized sweaters with structured jeans, cropped white tees with high-waisted khakis or corduroys, or a crew neck tee neatly tucked into trousers—these are all ideas for dressing up your loungewear.

Additionally, think about pairing your loungewear with apparel like:

  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Structured tops

But don’t stop there. When styling your favorite loungewear, you have the freedom to be creative. Maybe you’ll pair your favorite flowy, racerback dress with a stunning leather jacket, or your simple sweatshirt with a tailored and fitted skirt. The possibilities are endless.

For Functional & Fashionable Loungewear, Choose Tommy John

We’ve just given you several great ideas for how to style your favorite loungewear to wear out. But even the best tips and tricks in the world can’t save your look if your loungewear itself isn’t up to snuff.

You can wear loungewear in public—but not if it’s the same raggedy hoodie or pair of sweatpants you’ve had since college. To truly shine no matter where you wear your at-home clothes, you need the best loungewear designed with intention.

That’s where Tommy John comes in.

We’re on a mission to make the world a more comfortable place, and we believe that starts with the clothes you wear when you’re lounging around the house. Our loungewear collection for men and women is made with the most comfortable, versatile materials and designed for maximal fashion impact. Impeccably tailored and fashionably designed, that’s our style.

At Tommy John, we don’t just make clothes. We make clothes that change lives. Shop now and experience the difference for yourself.


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