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Men’s Underwear: Busting the 5 Biggest Myths

Men can be quite particular about what kind of underwear they like. But for reasons we’ll explore here they generally keep their opinions to themselves, pick a style or brand they can tolerate, and stick with it their entire adulthood. It’s not given much more consideration than that.  

Sometimes a hardline adherence to one style or brand is handed down from father to son. Sometimes it’s tied up with urban legends about  masculinity and infertility. Or it can be all of the above.

The good news is that we’re in a renaissance of underwear taste. It’s an exciting time for your nether-regions! Now let’s blow up some of these underwear myths.     

  • Myth: You should stick with what you’ve always worn
  • No. Five hundred times, no! We know - your dad is your role model, and he probably gave you your first pair of tighty-whities. But you’re your own dude now! Time to make your own decisions about underclothes.

    Not only is it much hotter to actively choose underwear you love, but with modern technology and design, there have been vast improvements since the days of 5-pack department store skivvies. Fretting over form and function might seem like an extravagance, but it’s simply modern self-care you’ll find is overall a better value.  

  • Myth: Briefs can harm your fertility
  • It’s a common misconception that snug-fitting briefs are a culprit for low sperm count and therefore infertility in men. This myth comes from findings that higher temperatures decrease sperm count. But guess what? Since the average temperature increase is usually only about half a degree, or so, it doesn’t actually have the power it was once rumored to have. It doesn’t make a difference.

    If you’re predisposed to infertility, steer clear from more concerning activities like working from a laptop directly on your lap, consistently, for long periods of time. This is a common practice that can increase temps high enough to make an impact. But underwear style is a non-issue.

    That’s why form-fitting briefs can be ideal for any lifestyle or activity. With Tommy John, all cuts have a contour pouch with breathable fabric, so you don’t need those periodic adjustments - and you dodge any crushing or overheating scenarios.

  • Myth: Being particular about underwear isn’t masculine
  • Seriously? You’re too “manly” to wear comfortable, properly fitting clothes? Frankly, we can’t think of anything more emasculating than letting societal norms and faux pas dictate your individual comfort and appearance.

    You deserve options that help, not hinder your self expression and wellbeing in this department. Comfort can affect how you feel, function, and project yourself. With Tommy John, comfort and function reign supreme while keeping you fashionable, confident, and snazzy. Welcome to 2019 masculinity.

  • Myth: Sleeping in underwear is bad for your reproductive health
  • Along with the folklore of decreasing fertility also comes the idea that sleeping in your briefs is bad for fertility.

    And while there’s nothing wrong with sleeping in the buff, it’s no better or worse for your health than any other approach. Previously debunked as a concern for women, this myth inched its way into the realm of men’s underwear more recently.

    Even if you’re predisposed to low sperm production and worried about body heat, Tommy John’s designs keep you cool with premium breathable fabrics, expert contouring, and glove-like fit.  

  • Myth: Briefs with a pouch are not good everyday wear
  • The contouring of the pouch in Tommy John underwear is key for holding everything in place. Whether briefs, boxer briefs, or trunkswhen designed correctlythings stay where they should without squeezing, overheating, sticking, or chafing. Briefs with a pouch are versatile from the office to the gym, adapting to any situation.

    While Tommy John does have active sport underwear that is made for fitness, you can still rely on any style in the lineup to get you through your full spectrum of daily activities.

    So, while men aren’t likely tormented by visible panty lines like women are, they do have important decisions to make when it comes to their underwear. The shift in craftsmanship and attention to detail creates a few more decisions with the array of comfort levels and styles, but there is no question you’re getting a better brief nowadays - especially with Tommy John.