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Men's Boxers: 5 Facts That Prove Everything You Know Is Wrong

If you’re a trunk connoisseur or a boxer-brief aficionado, it may have been a few years since you tried some classic boxer shorts. Maybe you owned a few pairs back in highschool. And sure, they looked a little cooler than your average skivvies - but they were never quite comfortable. And these days, aren’t boxers a bit… juvenile for a Grown Man such as yourself?

Hey, we get it. Old-school boxer shorts were pretty bad... but a lot has changed since you were a teenager. Tommy John has reinvented boxer shorts, which means - for the first time since their invention in 1925 - it’s a whole new ball game (so to speak). Here are 7 things you probably don’t know about the glorious new world of boxers.

1. They support your stuff

Back in the day, boxers were basically just straight tubes for your legs. They didn’t contour to your body shape in the least. That left a sharp seam running right up the midline of your body - which got more and more uncomfortable as the shorts rode up. Beyond providing an additional layer of fabric between your pants and your tender bits, they didn’t do a thing.

Today’s Tommy John boxers are a different story. They’re cut with a smart, contoured design that nestles and supports you without squeezing, chafing, or crushing (like bad tighty-whities tend to do). If you’re looking for maximum freedom and support, this is the way to go.

2. They’re no longer horribly baggy

Another big problem with old-school boxers was their absurd bagginess. Yes, you want room in your boxers. But no, you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing an inflated plastic trash bag. Boxers that poof out in every direction don’t just look ridiculous - they fit poorly and bunch up beneath your pants.

This is another problem Tommy John has solved. Our relaxed fit boxer shorts give you room to breathe, but are still cut with a sharp, modern fit. That means they contour to your body shape, and never bunch or slide.

3. They actually stay put

Probably the worst thing about poorly-made boxer shorts is their tendency to ride up. Cheap elastic waistbands like to roll, bunch, and slide right up to your navel. At that point, you have a choice: Either tug and pull them back into place, or live with a chronic, category-5 wedgie. Then, of course, when the waistband wears out and loosens, your shorts tend to sag - an entirely different and equally awful underwear malfunction. Among people who have sworn off boxer shorts, sliding and riding is the number one complaint.

Again, Tommy John has the solution. Our stay-put waistband refuses to roll or slide, so your shorts stay exactly where they’re supposed to be. The band is also precision-crafted to spread pressure gently and evenly, so it doesn’t dig into your skin or leave marks.

4. They’re impossibly soft

Another problem with those bad old boxers of yore was that they were frequently made of cheap, stiff fabric. Riding up would be an issue in any case - but harsh, high-rise fabric that chaps your skin? Absolutely not.

With Tommy John, on the other hand, your boxers are made from top-grade premium materials that are delightful to touch. Our Cool Cotton boxers, for instance, are built from high-quality pima cotton which keeps you 2-3 times cooler than regular cotton and dries 4-5 times faster. And if you really want opulence, try our Second Skin boxer shorts, which are made from non-pilling micro-modal - a natural, breathable fiber derived from beech trees. If you’ve never worn them, you can’t imagine how soft and luxurious they are.

5. They look like big-boy clothes

If there’s one reason we all wince when recalling our childhood boxers shorts (other than the obvious chafing problems), it’s probably the sheer tackiness factor. Between the ridiculous shape and the superhero graphics, they just weren’t the kind of shorts that made you want to flex and gaze in the mirror - and forget about showing them off for someone else.

Tommy John gear is another story. These are boxer shorts you want to be seen in. They’re sleek, flattering, and look like they were made for adults. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re boring - just check out our pineapple, lobster, or flamingo print boxers if you doubt us.

Still not sure? Just try a pair of Tommy John relaxed fit boxers and see what you think. If they’re not the best pair you’ve ever worn, we’ll replace them with something better or give you a full refund.