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More than Style: Why the Right Women’s Underwear is a Life Level-up

Unless you’re a lingerie model, your underwear is going to spend most of the day hiding out under your clothes. But that doesn’t mean you can forget about it! 

A bad pair of women's underwear will leave you plagued with wedgies, bunching, or slippage. Slipping on the perfect pair of panties, on the other hand, can give you confidence and verve that will make your whole day. Here’s why getting just the right underwear is a serious power move for any woman.

You can banish panty lines

Nothing ruins the sleek look of leggings like the visible seams of your underwear distracting from the rest of your look. It doesn’t stop there—the wrong underwear can show itself through slacks or any form-fitting outfit. But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch underwear altogether. It just means you haven’t found the right pair yet.

There are lots of tactics to avoid panty lines. Some people like pantyhose to smooth things out. Others wear thicker fabrics or use patterns to camouflage them. A lot of these tricks are skirting the issue: mediocre underwear is the cause, and better underwear is the solution.

A thong can be perfect for the occasion - but that’s not your only option! Many people opt for a form-hugging, seamless pair of boyshorts. You can even find no-show briefs. All the underwear in Tommy John’s Air Collection comes with our ‘no visible panty line’ guarantee. Our underwear is designed to never slip, pull, or roll, so you can take a break from extra adjustments throughout the day. 

No unwanted bulges

Form-fitting, contouring underwear is perfect for sculpting your shape. Of course, you also need to choose the right size. If your belly is hanging over your waistband, you might need to go up a size. Your underwear shouldn’t leave any lines on your thighs. Undersized undies can restrict airflow, which lets unwanted moisture and bacteria build up. 

Of course, you don’t want to go too big. Your underwear should fit your body naturally without any slack. If your underwear is sagging, it causes irritation for an already-sensitive area. Baggy panties will also slip down throughout the day and create noticeable lumps under your clothes.

Shopping for clothes isn’t guesswork. Measure yourself and check the size charts to make sure you’re choosing a proper fit! If you don’t feel good in your underwear, you should show yourself some kindness and replace them. That goes for your ratty old pairs, too. No occasion calls for underwear that’s better off in the trash bin.

Dress for the occasion

If you’re sporting a low-rise bottom, you probably don’t want your underwear hanging out. If you love the way the high-waisted look flatters your figure, it’s nice to have the extra material to keep the outerwear from rubbing on your skin. Sometimes a thong is the right call for a tight-fitting dress, so having one you don’t hate the thought of wearing will let you explore all the options for a formal occasion.

If it’s hot out or you’re planning for an active day, prepare to sweat with quick-drying fabrics that move with your body. Keep a spare pair ready to change into, even if you don’t have an extra shower worked into the schedule. Give yourself a break at night. Many gynecologists suggest sleeping au naturale, but if that’s not for you, choose a full-coverage pair of underwear to minimize chafing and rubbing fabrics.

Whatever you’re wearing, check the tags to verify if there’s cotton in the gusset. A breathable cotton will help prevent uncomfortable infections that spoil the mood no matter what you had planned for the day. Treat yourself to some matching bras for a stunning look that will command the attention of whoever is lucky enough to see it. 

Take Charge

Gifts are always nice, but you can’t rely on them for rounding out your undergarment selection! No one knows your needs as well as you do. If you’ve got someone who wants to get you something special, let them know you want to have a hand in what you are wearing. Choosing something together can be just as romantic as a surprise. 

Make the time to discover what it’s missing from your underwear collection so you can be prepared. When you’ve taken the care to find the absolute best pair, the rest of the day is yours for the making.