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36 Sleep Affirmations for a Peaceful Rest

It’s pretty intuitive to know that prioritizing self-care in your everyday life can make you a happier and healthier person. Unfortunately, as we’ve navigated our way through a stressful year, many of our daily rituals and wellness practices have been interrupted. 

If you’ve found yourself tossing and turning in your pajamas all night then you’re not alone. Sleep is one of the most significant pillars of health being sacrificed during this time. Lack of sleep can lead to a decline in mental health, increased risk of disease, memory problems, and much more.

Thankfully, if you’re one of the many people looking for a natural remedy for your sleep disturbances, then you’re in the right place! Sleep affirmations are the newest, effective trend you’ll want to add to your nighttime routine for a better and deeper night’s rest. 

What are Sleep Affirmations?

Sleep affirmations are positive statements you can repeat before bed to help enhance your confidence, challenge self-doubt, and calm your mind before bed. Repeating nighttime affirmations gives you the power to rewire your brain to turn negative thought patterns into positive ones. 

You can think of affirmations as muscle memory for your brain’s mental health. An athlete can’t expect to see physical changes by going to the gym once, and your brain can’t change its thought patterns by hearing a mantra one time. The more you repeat the affirmation to yourself, the more you will manifest it into reality.  

You can use night affirmations to target any part of your life. Whether you need a boost in confidence, motivation to overcome an obstacle, or simply need help relaxing in your pajamas, there’s an affirmation for you.

Do Affirmations Work While You Sleep? 

Bedtime affirmations are the perfect way to wind down and have a peaceful evening. With our subconscious mind always at work, what we think about right before bed tends to influence our dreams at night. Doing something kind for yourself before bed will contribute to a worry-free sleep with fewer chances of scary dreams.

If you go to bed with a positive mindset, there is a high chance you will wake up the following morning with a better attitude. This shift can help you to put your best foot forward from the second you wake up and impact the rest of your day for the better.

How to Get the Most Out of Affirmations

A piece of paper and pen, a light bulb going off, a clock, a rainbow, hands exchanging communication, and a circle indicating how to get the most out of sleep affirmations

There are several steps to crafting an original and meaningful bedtime affirmation. Here are some tips you can use when getting started to get the most out of your positive sleep affirmations. 

Use Present Tense

It’s essential to speak about things as if they’re already happening. Use “I am” and “I have” statements to give your mind the subconscious demand to bring the affirmation into reality.

Be Specific

Being specific with your nighttime affirmations helps your mind to visualize the outcome. For example, instead of saying, “I will get a raise this year, try saying, “I am enjoying my $10,000 raise in earnings this year.”

Believe in it

It is essential to believe in the sleep affirmations you are repeating at night. If you don’t trust in what you’re saying, then your subconscious mind won’t either, and it’ll be more difficult for the desire to occur.

Use Visualization or Feeling

Affirmations carry more weight when linked to strong emotions or powerful visuals in your mind. This simple exercise can help connect your mind, body, and soul to align with your deepest desires.

Repeat Them Often

When you repeat your positive sleep affirmation often and believe in it wholeheartedly, you can start to see positive changes in your life. The more times you say your affirmation, the faster you can expect to change perspectives and actions.

Ask a Loved One to Help

Listening to someone else repeat your affirmations can help reinforce your belief in them. Taking these additional measures can be a fantastic help in turning your wishful mantras into reality.

Sleep Affirmations to Calm Your Mind Before Bedtime

According to the American Sleep Association, over 30% of young adults deal with some form of insomnia. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic hasn’t made it any easier to get a restful night’s sleep.

People who’ve never had sleep problems before suddenly find themselves up at night worrying about the uncertainties of the present moment, work-life balance, financial issues, and more. 

Because stress and mental health influence sleep quality, we’ve broken down a list of sleep affirmations into categories to target common negative thoughts keeping people up at night. Specifically, we give examples of bedtime affirmations for anxiety, self-love, and gratitude to calm your mind and get those Z’s every night.

Affirmations For Anxiety That’s Keeping You Up At Night

Night affirmations are a fantastic tool for combatting anxiety that is keeping you tossing and turning in bed. These mantras will remind you to feel empowered, knowing that you have complete control over your thoughts and emotions. 

1. I have the power to control my thoughts and emotions.
2. I am at peace with my past.
3. I am stronger than this emotion.
4. I can overcome any obstacle.
5. I am not worried about things I can’t control.
6. I am aware of my surroundings and feel at peace. 

      Subconsciously over time, your brain can begin adopting these positive sayings and shed any negative preconceived ideas.  

      A pink illustrated hand holding a lightning bolt indicating using sleeping affirmations to feel more powerful and in control]

      Affirmations for Self-Love Before You Fall Asleep

      These self-love affirmations will help you to become a more confident, caring, and overall happier person. Everyone deserves to love and feel loved, so here are some mantras to getting started on your journey!

      7. I am learning to love myself more every day.
      8. I am content with myself and all of the progress I have made.
      9. I love and approve of myself.
      10. I embrace who I am. 
      11. I am in the process of positive change.
      12. I love my body and all that it does for me.

        Self-love runs on a high vibration that will attract others with positive energy into your life. The more love you have for yourself, the more you can expect to gain from those around you.

        A gold illustrated head with its eyes closed and a heart where its brain is indicating using sleeping affirmations to learn to love oneself

        Gratitude Affirmations to Have a Peaceful Evening

        There are countless mental and physical benefits to expressing gratitude daily. These benefits can aid you in falling asleep quicker and easier. 

        13. I am grateful for the lessons today taught me, so I am stronger tomorrow.
        14. I am grateful to be able to enjoy all of the little things in life.
        15. I am grateful for my strong and capable body.
        16. I see and appreciate the light in myself and those around me.
        17. I appreciate the abundant opportunities that tomorrow brings.
        18. I am grateful for the infinite blessings in my life.

          Expressing your appreciation sends a signal to the universe that you want to experience more of the things you are grateful for. When you end your day by showing gratitude, you will not only go to sleep thinking happy thoughts but wake up feeling better too.

          A purple illustrated pair of hands holding a gold heart indicating using sleeping affirmations to practice gratitude

          Sleep Affirmations for a Better Night’s Sleep

          We’ve all experienced those nights where you’re staring at the ceiling for hours late at night in your pajamas, wishing you could fall asleep, but with no luck. 

          The trick to overcoming these sleepless nights is to calm your mind and halt racing thoughts. This can be easier said than done, but with the right tools, you can release these negative emotions seamlessly in no time. 

          Whether you need relief from insomnia, want to avoid nightmares, or simply relax after a long day of work, we’ve got a sleep affirmation that’s perfect for you.

          Bedtime Affirmations to Help Relieve Insomnia

          Repeating sleep affirmations targeting insomnia let your body know it has permission to rest. Nighttime affirmations for restless nights need to be rooted in the belief that you deserve to feel rested.

          19. As I lay in bed, I let go of whatever does not serve me.
          20. I release the day.
          21. My to-do list can wait until tomorrow.
          22. I fall asleep quickly.
          23. I sleep all through the night.
          24. My confidence and happiness increase as I sleep.

            Next time you’re struggling to fall asleep, try these mantras and watch them work their magic!

            A maroon bed frame, gold bedding and white pillow indicating using sleeping affirmations to let go and relax

            Night Affirmations for Better Dreams

            Nightmares are often caused by worry or stress that hides in our subconscious thought as we’re falling asleep. If you are suffering from bad dreams, simply say these affirmations at night, think happy thoughts, and fade into blissful dreamland.

            25. I am ready to receive happiness through my dreams.
            26. My dreams are beautiful and full of happy thoughts.
            27. I am a peaceful sleeper.
            28. I naturally have positive dreams.
            29. I can control my dreams.
            30. I have better and better dreams each night.

              Decide which bedtime affirmation you need to repeat most and watch your nightmares transform into the best dreams you can imagine. 

              A gold polka-dotted pillow indicating using sleeping affirmations to receive happiness through dreams

              Nighttime Affirmations for Relaxation Before Bedtime

              The first step in getting a night of deep and rejuvenating sleep is to feel relaxed before bed. These will help the stress in your life melt away in minutes. 

              31. With every breath I take, calmness washes over me. 
              32. My mind is quiet and peaceful.
              33. I deserve rest now.
              34. I am in a relaxed state, both mentally and physically.
              35. I am allowed to take a break.
              36. I release all tension from the body as I prepare for bed.

                The best way to relax before bed is through a nighttime routine tailored specifically to you. Choose which sleep affirmations speak to you the most and add them to your nightly ritual to have your most calming evening before bed. 

                A purple illustrated cup of tea indicating using sleeping affirmations to let calmness wash over you

                Additional Ways to Get a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

                To get the best results from your sleep affirmations, it is best to pair them with other healthy sleep habits. Here are some additional helpful tips to getting your best night’s sleep in conjunction with your mantras.

                Mindful Meditation

                This involves focusing on breathing and bringing your attention to the present moment. When your mind isn’t drifting to the past or future, it evokes a relaxing response from the brain.

                Find the Right Sleepwear

                Finding the right pajamas is imperative to getting a good night’s rest. Finding pajamas that work for you can help with comfort, aid in body temperature control, and even prevent illness. 


                Essential oils can help you get sleepy before bed by evoking melatonin to be released in the body. Lavender, chamomile, and valerian are your best choice because they are known for their calming effects.


                Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be a therapeutic practice before bed. Journaling can help relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality.

                Turn Off Electronics

                Blue light stimulates the body’s internal clock and can disrupt your sleep patterns. For the best results, turn your electronics off an hour before bed to help your body fall asleep faster.

                Take a Bath

                Take a shower or bath one hour and a half before bed to calm your nerves after a busy day. This practice promotes relaxation and healthy sleep.

                Now that we’ve shown you the best sleep affirmations for your nighttime ritual, it’s time to give them a try! Combine your bedtime affirmations with your favorite loungewear, aromatherapy, and a nighttime bath, and you’ll be sleeping peacefully in no time.

                Click to download all sleep affirmation printables to help you relax before bed