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65+ Testicular Cancer Statistics to Remind You to Check ‘Em

Testicular cancer is the leading cancer in men ages 15 to 44 but can strike at any age. From dads who do it all to your favorite teacher, any man can be at risk. And although talking about cancer can be scary and uncomfortable, knowledge can be power. So what is testicular cancer? Testicular cancer begins when healthy cells in a testicle change and grow out of control, forming a mass called a tumor. Compared with other types of cancer, testicular cancer isn't common, averaging at almost .5% of new cancer incidences in the United States. That being said, it can still have life threatening effects and be just as impactful to your health.

Being your own health advocate is the first step to supporting your pair. To help you gain some familiarity with this type of cancer, we’ve rounded up over 65 of the top testicular cancer statistics to give you a vast amount of information at your fingertips. In 2020, roughly 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with some type of cancer in the United States so it is important to stay educated and think about every aspect of your hygiene and health.

From treatment stats to relapse rates, we’ve pulled the latest testicular cancer statistics to remind you to man up and check ‘em.

Global Testicular Cancer Incidence Statistics

US Testicular Cancer Incidence Statistics

Risks and Factors of Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Diagnosis Statistics

Testicular Cancer Treatment Statistics

Testicular Cancer Survival Rates

Testicular Cancer Mortality and Relapse Statistics

Testicular Cancer Incidence Predictions

While incidences for testicular cancer are forecasted to increase, you can see that testicular cancer usually can be treated successfully when caught early. That being said, about every hour a male is diagnosed with testicular cancer so being aware of screening best practices, risks, factors and treatment options can be vital for your health and best chance for survival. We encourage you to continue checking yourself and show your testis some love. For more ideas on how to pamper yourself down there, check out our most comfortable underwear for men.