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The 4 loungewear seasons: Staying comfy & classy year-round

If you haven’t been keeping up, loungewear is the downright amazing clothing trend that combines casual comfort and luxury. This is attire that takes you from a cozy evening at home through a great night’s sleep to an indulgent brunch with friends the next morning. 

Imagine the softness and ease of pajamas and sweatpants, but exponentially classier and more stylish, with luxe fabrics and refined details that elevate relaxation to an art form.  

Maybe you’ve dipped your toe into this fabulous, practical, and oh-so-cozy fashion trend with a piece or two you now practically live in. Perhaps you’re finally convinced loungewear is really the life upgrade it claims to be, and you’re ready to expand your “third wardrobe” to carry you through all four seasons with effortless style. 

Ready to jump in? We’ve put together a complete guide to four seasons of loungewear. Because luxe lounging never goes out of style, no matter the weather. 

1. Spring


For a sporty lounge look as spring sets in, opt for the Second Skin Lounge Short Sleeve Colorblock Henley. Imagine the ease and comfort of a favorite broken-in t-shirt with class for days. It’s even suitable for leaving the house, should the need arise. Pair with the Second Skin Lounge Jogger in a coordinating solid color or matching Colorblock

Or for a more refined Spring lounge look, go for the Second Skin Lounge Henley with Piping in a lighter or brighter color to reflect the season. Pair it with the matching Second Skin Lounge Jogger with Piping or opt for the Jogger bottoms in a coordinating solid color, if you’re going out. 

Pro loungewear tip: mixing and matching Solid color pieces with ones featuring Colorblock and Piping detail can be a way to de-emphasize the pajama look and dress up your loungewear ensemble if you’re heading out of the house. 


When it’s warming up but there’s still a chill in the air, opt for the Women’s Lounge Henley for cozy (but not overkill) coverage on top. Check out bright and breezy solid-color hues that will help you and everyone around you perk up from winter hibernation. Depending on the weather you can opt for shorter or longer loungewear below - Tommy John’s Women’s Lounge Short and Women’s Lounge Jogger both come in Solid, Colorblock, and Piping detail style options. 

2. Summer


For an easy day at home, all you need in the summer is a premium Tommy John Tank undershirt on top, paired with the Second Skin Lounge Short. Far more civilized than spending the day in an old pair of baggy boxers, cut-off jeans or your current boxer briefs, but with exactly the same comfort and ease. The Second Skin Lounge Short features functional pockets for keeping everything you need close at hand throughout the day. 


Oh the simplicity of summer, where getting dressed is barely necessary - especially if you’re just hanging around the house. For a perfect loungewear take on the season, choose the Women’s Lounge Tank in an assertive bright color or a refined pastel. Slip into the Women’s Lounge Short (offered in a variety of solid colors, sporty Colorblock or with elegant contrast Piping) and you’re good to go. Just like the Men’s Second Skin Lounge Short, Tommy John’s Women’s Lounge Short doesn’t skimp on important features, like functional pockets, that can help take your look through more of your day with practical ease.

3. Fall


Fall lounging calls for long sleeves in a sporty Colorblock style, or mix and match Colorblock and coordinating solid color styles on top and bottom if you’re heading away from home. The Second Skin Lounge Henley and Second Skin Lounge Jogger both come in solids and Colorblock options to fit the bill with ultra ease and style. 

For an expanded fall wardrobe in a more casual lounge style, nab the Second Skin Lounge Hoodie with Contrast Stitch detail for another top option to pair with the Jogger.


The Women’s Lounge Henley Dress is essential fall loungewear, combining flattering, fitted classic style with total comfort and ease. Pull on the Second Skin Triangle Bralette and you’ll be ready to head out while barely noticing you’re wearing a bra. Pair with a scarf, black leggings, the Women’s Second Skin Ankle Sock, and high boots or booties for an outfit pitch-perfect for an easygoing brunch with the girls. 

Another great outfit option for fall is to pair the Women’s Lounge Henley with the Women’s Lounge Jogger. Go for autumnal solid colors, the athletic-inspired Colorblock style, or choose Piping detail for a more tailored look. 

4. Winter


Time to layer up! Start with a Tommy John premium fitted Undershirt - we recommend the Crew Neck or High V-Neck with short sleeves for more coverage to keep the cold out. Then pull on the Second Skin Lounge Hoodie and Second Skin Lounge Jogger for ultra coziness without sacrificing style. Functional pockets keep necessities close at hand so you can go about your whole day in luxe comfort and style. Stay toasty and classy head-to-toe by adding the Second Skin Sock, in the same luxe fabric as our loungewear.


Layer the Women’s Lounge Crew Neck Sweatshirt over the Women’s Lounge Tank for ultra coziness and warmth. Pair that top combo with the Women’s Lounge Jogger. (Comes in Solid, Colorblock or with contrast Piping detail. Go with Piping for a more pulled-together look if you’re heading out to brunch, or Colorblock for a sportier take on the style.) Keep your toes snuggly with the Women’s Second Skin Ankle Sock in our incredibly soft, luxe fabric.

The bottom line

Today’s more casual lifestyles make loungewear an essential addition to your closet, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and luxury you crave with a more chic look than sweatpants or pajamas. Follow the guide above and relax in style year-round, thanks to Tommy John’s premium loungewear pieces for men and women of substance. 

Check out our men's loungewear and women's loungewear collections and upgrade your wardrobe today!