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The 7 Stages of Buying a New Tommy John Bra

Not everyone is enthusiastic about shopping for bras. Either you love the ones you have, and you’re afraid to toss them out, or worse—you’re stuck with a bunch of bras you hate and have given up on finding one you love. But now that Tommy John has finally released our long-awaited bra line, you can find the perfect new bra and bust out of your rut.

If you’ve purchased something from us already, you’ve had a sneak peek at what you’re in for—a soft, comfortable fabric that fits right and stays put while you move. We’ve put together this guide to prepare you for the emotional sea change you’ll experience. 


You’ve been down this road before. You get a cute new bra, and it’s more of the same. Poking or prodding from an underwire, itchy material. Elastic that stretches out long before its time. Maybe you’ve been burned too many times to ever trust again. Don’t be afraid. With our Best Pair Guarantee, if you don’t love it, it’s on us. 


When you first put on your new bra, there might be a ‘too good to be true’ moment. Our underwear has always been about putting you first. By using the best possible fabrics and designing our bras to fit you while you move, you can be sure it will do its job without putting up a fuss. Rest assured: It’s a dreamy bra, but you are wide awake. This is not a drill. It’s just a great bra.


Okay, you’ve accepted that this is real. So why have you spent your adult life wearing bras on the mediocre-to-downright-crappy spectrum? Whose idea was this? You deserve better! We all do! Hey, we understand. Take a breath with us. The past is gone - what you can do now is focus on the future. And it’s chock-full of excellent underwear.


After taking in the exhilarating feel of that first bra, you may find yourself wanting to wear it literally all the time. Saying hi to your new neighbor? Going out for a coffee? Celebrating your cat’s half-birthday? It’s all good. And hey, there are plenty of styles to choose from, so you can fully flesh out your wardrobe and have the right Tommy John bra for any occasion.


Seriously, why is anyone selling bad bras? Who would do such a thing? It doesn’t need to be this way! All it takes to manufacture a great bra is smart design, premium fabrics, thoughtful construction, and a company committed to making the best underwear you’ll ever own. Still, maybe don’t judge those other bra companies too harshly. They probably mean well. Their hearts are in the right place, more or less. (But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with an inferior product.)


We’re not saying that an incredible bra will level-up your life, but… well, maybe that’s exactly what we’re saying. After all, your day is filled with subtle judgment calls. When the pizza place puts green peppers on your pie instead of green olives, do you make a stink about it or just deal? That extra boost of confidence from looking and feeling good in your own skin means these decisions get a whole lot easier. (Olives are way better; do not settle on this one.) And yeah, a bit of extra self-assurance can be important in other situations too - e.g. salary negotiations.


Slipping on the perfect bra will give you that sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering one of life’s little challenges. You’ve finally got it right. It’s like learning best right way to cut a pomegranate. Or that time you used a curtain rod to get extra leverage on a stuck lugnut. When it’s time to replace an old bra, or when friends ask you for your secret, you know exactly what to say and do.

The Bottom Line

At Tommy John, we’re devoted to making the best bras (and underwear, shirts, socks, etc.) on the planet. We can’t guarantee that you’ll experience all seven stages of new bra astonishment… but we can guarantee that you’ll adore your new bra. That’s why we offer a “best pair you’ll ever wear or it’s free” deal. If you don’t love it, we’ll replace it with something else or give you your money back. Get started today by finding your dream bra size.