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The ultimate 2021 women's underwear guide: Styles, features & more

On a normal day, it might be the most critical piece of clothing you wear. And if you’re stuck at home, it might be the only thing you wear. But underwear isn’t always simple. With so many fabrics and styles to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming to shop around for a new pair.

To help you spruce up your top drawer, Tommy John has put together the ultimate guide for panties, briefs, beyond. Find the perfect cut, fabric, and features for your new underwear. (Whether or not you wear them under anything is your business.)

Dream features for your panties 

No matter what style you choose, there are certain critical features your panties absolutely need before you should even consider putting them on. 


It seems obvious, but ask yourself: Is your underwear truly comfortable? If it tends to bunch, roll, or twist, it’s time to toss it and start fresh. On the flip side, it doesn’t matter how well underwear stays in place if the fabric is itchy or abrasive to your most tender areas. High-quality fabrics and thoughtful designs are key for cozy undies.


In order to keep you dry - both for comfort and health reasons - your underwear should be highly breathable. That means using the right fabrics in the right places. All Tommy John panties are equipped with Cool Cotton gussets for enhanced breathability and improved moisture-wicking, so you can stay cool and dry throughout the day. 

Smart materials

When your day won’t take you much further than the couch, slip into your Second Skin - made from silky soft, luxurious fibers that are like a spa day for your nether regions. Meanwhile, the Tommy John Cool Cotton collection gives you the breathability of cotton while keeping you clean and dry.

On the other hand, if you’re working up a sweat, you need underwear that will keep up with you. Tommy John’s Air collection is designed to be so light you might forget you’re wearing it - and our advanced fabrics are quick-drying and anti-microbial to handle even the most intense sweat sessions.

A no-hassle guarantee

Trying a new kind of knickers can feel like a real gamble. After all, you can’t test them out until after you pay for them. Even so, look for companies that stand behind their products. At Tommy John, we’re so confident you’ll love your new panties that we offer a best-pair-you’ll-ever-wear guarantee. If you don’t adore your new undies, just let us know. We’ll exchange them for something better or refund your money. 

Peruse the styles

It’s important to have the perfect pair of underwear ready for any occasion - whether you’re running a marathon, heading to work, or putting on your Sunday best. That means you need a variety of styles to choose from. Here are the options to consider:


Looking for a flirtier, form-fitting answer to boxer shorts that still offers full coverage and support? Look no further than boyshorts. Equally flattering for all shapes and sizes, boyshorts have the added benefit of being more or less invisible under form-fitting clothing. They’re also modest enough to wear under short skirts without feeling too cheeky, and the right fit does wonders for your contours. Not to mention, they’re incredibly cozy when it’s time to lounge around.


The go-to classic for decades, briefs pair perfectly with jeans, summer dresses, and flowy trousers. Briefs offer the perfect amount of coverage to protect your thighs and other sensitive areas from abrasive denim. If your favorite pair of jeans has a high waist, take a peek at our high-rise briefs


For all the times when less is more, The thong is perfectly invisible under skintight leggings and delicate fabric. (And yes, some people even like to lounge in a thong.) Of course, whatever the situation, you don’t want a thong that rides up. Tommy John’s thong collection will stay put perfectly, and is guaranteed to banish visible panty lines. 


Want something sexier than a classic brief with more coverage and support than a thong? Check out the Cheeky. This new style of underwear is perfectly cut to flatter all your assets. The high V-cut lengthens your leg, and there’s just enough material to lift and contour your backside. With high staying-put power, the Cheeky cut is an excellent alternative to a thong on days when you need to move around more than a thong allows. 

The bottom line

Underwear sets the tone for your day, and creates a foundation for every outfit you wear. If it’s not up to the job, it doesn’t deserve any space in your dresser! Tommy John has crafted fuss-free, stylish panties for any occasion, whether that occasion is your first night out in months or the new season of your favorite TV show. Find your dream fit using our panty size chart, and update your underwear wardrobe now and get free shipping on all orders over $75.

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