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Sick of shapewear? Time to slip into the Comfort Smoothing collection

There’s nothing like the confidence boost you get from looking in the mirror and seeing a striking silhouette. And while shapewear is popular because of the sleek, smoothing effect it has on your contours, few people claim to love wearing it. 

As you may have heard, there are real risks to overdoing it with shapewear. Squeezing into those tight garments can decrease circulation and compress your nerves, causing pain and tingling sensations while reducing your flexibility. The problems don’t stop there. Because it’s such a pain to take off, many people in shapewear avoid going to the bathroom for long periods of time, which can be a serious health risk. 

If this is all hitting a little too close to home, we’ve got some great news for you. Tommy John’s Comfort Smoothing collection can help you look and feel your best without the unsafe or embarrassing side effects of shapewear. These bras and panties go all-in on support and can enhance your natural appeal - but they’re so comfortable, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them.

Perfectly discrete and versatile

Our Comfort Smoothing collection features laser-cut seams that are truly invisible, even under your favorite skin-tight outfit. The ultra lightweight fabric is designed to wear like you’re wearing nothing at all for a comfortable fit that can last through the longest days. 

Our supportive bralette lifts, shapes, and separates to accentuate your curves and prevent uniboob. It also features removable cups and fully adjustable straps so you can keep the right fit and your modesty, even as your body changes from day to day. Comfort smoothing panties are available in three cuts - brief, high rise brief, and thong. Choose the level of coverage that’s right for you and feel confident knowing you’ll look fabulous in and out of your outerwear. 

Skin friendly 

Does your skin look a little beaten up when you wrestle off your traditional shapewear? It’s no surprise, really. That tight, restrictive, and irritating fabric pressing on your skin can cause creases, bulging, itching, chafing, and infections if you use it day-in and day-out. 

Tommy John is different. Our soft, latex-free material lets your skin breathe while gently smoothing your silhouette. As soon as you slip out of your undies, your skin will bounce right back without any underwear marks, just as smooth and happy as it was before you got dressed for the day. 

Breathe effortlessly

Traditional shapewear is restrictive by design. Instead of taking the corset approach, our underwear experts have crafted smoothing, form-fitting undies that won’t inhibit your circulation or strangle your nerves. The Comfort Smoothing bralette and panties let you move, eat, and yes, even breathe, without a hitch. You can forget about the familiar squeeze that goes hand in hand with shapewear; these undies are built to support you without hurting. Your Tommy John  Comfort Smoothing underwear stays in place and keeps its shape, so you won’t need to ask for help if you happen to drop your keys - or worse, eat a normal sized lunch. 

Easy access in the bathroom

No matter how well trained you have your bladder, it’s always a good idea to answer the phone when nature calls. Our panties and bras go on and off just like normal undergarments, so you don’t have to spend any extra time getting dressed or make any difficult decisions about when to use the bathroom.

On top of that, these are undies you’ll be proud to be seen in. Unlike normal, restrictive shapewear, Tommy John Comfort Smoothing pieces are designed to be looked at. They’re sexy, stylish, and functional all at once - so you can strip off your outerwear without a second thought about how you’ll look underneath it.

Smoothing without the sacrifice 

Most people who wear shapewear consider it a tradeoff. Sometimes you have to choose between looking good and feeling good, right? Frankly, we at Tommy John think that’s crazy talk. Looking stunning in your favorite dress shouldn’t mean feeling like a stuffed sausage.

That’s why all of our underwear is made to be adored. We craft quality undergarments from the ground up, beginning with the three Fs - fit, fabric, and function. And every piece we make is crafted from unbelievably soft, luxurious fabric you’ll look forward to wearing. Our skivvies move and feel like they’re a part of you. In fact, once you wear them, you might not want to take them off. 

If that sounds a little too good to be true, we get it. But why not put your skepticism to the test before you settle back into your painful shapewear? Just like all of our underwear, our Comfort Smoothing collection is backed with our risk-free guarantee - if you don’t love the first pair you try, it’s on us.