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Valentines Day Ideas at Home: 6 Cozy & Creative Ideas

Making plans for Valentine’s Day can often feel way too high pressure—scoring a reservation at a buzzy restaurant weeks in advance or coordinating an intricate romantic getaway can seem more like a high-stakes stress test than a celebration of your love.

Instead of looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for him (or Valentine’s Day gift for her), how about planning an activity you can do together? If you’re looking for a cozier, more intimate energy for your Valentine’s Day this year, you may not need to look further than your living room sofa and have a cozy home date night.

We know what you’re thinking: How do you elevate February 14th from any other ordinary day at home? We’ve got you covered with these 6 creative Valentine's Day ideas to make it the sweetest one yet.

#1 Snuggle Up Fireside with Your Sweetheart

 Warming next to each other is a simple but still romantic date idea. The crackling logs, the cozy glow of the flames. If you want a cozy-meets-romantic setting for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a night curled up in front of the fireplace with your loved one.

With its mix of at-home allure and ski chalet-inspired romance, a fireside date night is a perfect choice for a chilly February evening. (And if you’re lucky enough to experience sub-zero temperatures this time of year, all the more reason to stay indoors).

Get snuggled up in matching rustic-inspired henley loungewear for a look that’s cabin-chic. Try the Women’s Sweater Lounge Henley with double-knit coziness for women and the Zen Waffle Lounge Henley and Jogger Set for men for layers of waffly warmth.

To take your fireside fete to the next level, pair it with some toasty treats and warm cocktails for an elevated evening. You can even have your romantic dinner by the fireplace. Here are some favorites for sharing with your sweetie:

Sophisticated s’mores Bring the campfire inside by making an elevated version of this childhood sweet treat! Upgrade your s’mores by swapping out the usual grocery store picks for artisanal chocolate and homemade graham crackers for a DIY dessert.

At-home ski lodgeYou might not be on a fancy ski getaway this Valentine’s Day, but you can create the vibes at home. Turn your living room into an alpine ski lodge by cozying up fireside with fondue. Get savory with cheese fondue with veggies, bread, and meat to dip, or go for a sweeter pick with classic chocolate fondue with fresh fruit.

Hot, toasty cocktailsBring out your inner mixologist and whip up some fireside libations with toasty hot cocktails like a hot toddy, which pairs bourbon, honey, lemon juice, and hot tea, or a hot chocolate spiked with rum or your favorite creme liqueur and topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings.

        #2 Start Valentine’s Day Right with Breakfast in Bed

        Looking for Valentine’s Day at-home ideas that pair an indulgent experience with one-on-one time? Breakfast in bed is the perfect pick for a relaxed yet romantic morning at home together this Valentine’s Day.

        To amplify the flavors and the romance for this special day, turn the fancy meter up a notch from your rushed morning meals. (That means leaving the protein bars and the cereal in the cupboard.)

        Before breakfast commences, surprise your partner with a set of matching pajamas you can wear together, like the Women’s Short Sleeve Top & Pant Pajama Set and the Essential Short Sleeve Tee and Pant Pajama Set.

        Lucky for you, these pajamas breathe easily from the bed to the kitchen, so you’ll be ready to whip up one of these dishes and impress your partner:

        Dressed-up eggs – Eggs can make simple diner dishes, but they can also be elevated to impress even the pickiest eaters. Try a dish like a benedict or whip up an omelet with high-quality cheeses or your partner’s favorite toppings (and a pretty garnish, of course).

        Breakfast cocktails – The beautiful thing about breakfast at home? You can spill as much as you want and throw your pajamas right into the laundry. Say yes to brunch cocktails at home, like mimosas, Bloody Marys, or homemade boozy coffees.

        Bakery pastries – You know the kind we mean. The ones reserved for special trips to that one beloved bakery in town. Treat your beau to that decadent chocolate croissant or apple turnover they’ve been dreaming about for weeks as you turn on your favorite Netflix show and cuddle up for the day.

        #3 Make It a Romantic Movie Night

        No need to head out to the theaters for a movie date. One of the best at-home Valentine’s Day ideas can happen right on your couch! Having a cozy night in watching your favorite movies creates a space to laugh, bond, and lounge comfortably together.

        Pop some popcorn, splurge on expensive takeout, and uncork a bottle of wine as you curl up together on the couch and watch your favorite flicks.

        And, of course, no movie night is complete without the most comfortable loungewear in the world. Throw on the Luxe French Terry Joggers and the Luxe French Terry Quarter Zip to feel effortlessly cozy and chic while you sip your wine.

        Wondering what to screen for the perfect romantic movie marathon? Here are a few ideas for your V-Day movie night:

        Classic rom-com – Cozy up with a classic rom-com. Think When Harry Met Sally or Pretty Woman. You can’t go wrong with any of the 80s or 90s favorites.

        Black and white romance – Go for old-school romance by queuing up classic Old Hollywood black and white films like Casablanca or Roman Holiday.

          One of your favorites – Personalize it to tell your unique love story. Watch the movie that you saw on your first date or a film that came out the year of your wedding.

            #4 Turn Up the Heat in the Kitchen

            Looking for creative Valentine’s Day ideas that’ll yield delicious results? Pick a recipe with your loved one and make a fancy dinner together!

            Working in the kitchen together is a great way to collaborate, test your mind-reading abilities (we’re only half kidding), and spend some quality one-on-one time with your partner.

            In the comfort of your own kitchen, you can throw aprons over comfortable clothes that move, breathe, and minimize distractions from the masterpieces you’re building on the stove. You’ll love the silky-soft Women’s Second Skin Racerback Dress or the wrinkle-resistant Second Skin Knit Collar Polo for a piece that’s easy to dress up or down.

            Some dinner ideas you can use to build your dream date night include:

            From-scratch recipes – Serving up something that’s more of an elaborate “project” than your usual weeknight cooking. Think crafting sushi rolls together or making handmade pasta and sauce from scratch.
              A meaningful dish – Make a favorite sentimental recipe, like the first thing you ever cooked for your significant other or a special family recipe.
                At-home steakhouse – Indulging in something fancier than your usual staples, like grilling up steaks or boiling lobsters with lots of garlic butter.

                  #5 Unwind Together With a Home Spa Day

                  Ahhh. (That’s the sound of you realizing your Valentine’s Day plans will be stress-free and totally indulgent.)

                  Spoil yourself and your significant other by turning your home into a serene spa getaway for a romantic and relaxing Valentine’s Day at home!

                  Kick off the day by gifting her a brand-new robe to wear while she’s getting pampered. She’ll love the Women’s Super Soft Terry Lounge Robe, with its cozy terry feel and shawl collar details, or the Women’s Second Skin Luxe Rib Robe, which provides spa-worthy luxury with its silky soft ribbed micro modal fabric in soothing slate blue.

                  Set up a “menu” of spa services for your significant other to pick from. Here are a few they’ll love:

                  Mini-facials – You don’t need to be an esthetician to give their skin a little pampering. Just apply your favorite face masks or sheet masks together. (Add some cucumber eye patches or under-eye gels for that extra touch of zen.)

                  MassagesFinally, release those extra knots in your back or shoulders and help your partner relax right alongside you with a back and shoulder massage.

                  Meditation – Take some time for a little mindfulness this Valentine’s Day and join your S.O. in a partner meditation complete with breathwork and quiet reflection time.

                  #6 Get Creative Together With a Craft Date Night

                  Looking for something a little more hands-on to share this Valentine’s Day? Make a memory you’ll be able to display in your home by turning your V-Day plans into a craft night at home!

                  Find a crafting kit that you can DIY yourselves, sign up for a class over Zoom, or ask your partner to teach you their favorite craft and get ready for a night of creating together.

                  Make it even more special by picking up your favorite meal from a local restaurant or cooking dinner together beforehand. Pop open a bottle of wine or mix up a batch of your favorite cocktails to sip as you paint, knit, draw, build—whatever it is you love to do!

                  Make sure you’re ultra-comfy as you craft. Throw on cozy double-knit sets like the Sweater Lounge Henley to keep you warm and toasty as you work on your next masterpiece!

                  Get Cozy at Home This Valentine’s Day with Tommy John

                  Whether you and your sweetheart are master home chefs, fireside fanatics, or crafting mavens, there are a plethora of exciting themes to choose from to make your next Valentine’s Day at home a raving success. Who knows—it might just become an annual tradition.

                  At Tommy John, we’re here to provide you with comfortable, reliable, and luxurious clothes to make every moment special. From Valentine’s Day to every day, our premium loungewear, underwear, and pajamas for men and women are stitched to buttery perfection.

                  We pride ourselves on creating super soft pieces made to perform well and look fabulous. We’re obsessed with every detail of our clothes—and we think you will be, too. Shop our loungewear for men and women to make this your coziest Valentine’s Day yet.


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