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15 Comfy Valentine’s Day Pajama Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, so you better be getting ready for expensive dinner reservations, sickly sweet Hallmark love cards, and learning how to keep a dozen roses alive in the winter. Or, you could go another route and host a Valentine’s Day pajama party. Instead of trying to live up to the typical V-day expectations, relax and unwind with a night in while spending quality time with your friends, partner, kids, or anyone else special in your life. Below are our top ideas for throwing a Valentine’s Day pajama party this year.

  1. Pajama Party for Couples
  2. Galentine's Day Pajama Party
  3. Pajama Party for Kids

    A Romantic Evening for Two: Valentine’s Day Pajama Party Ideas for Couples

    Instead of stressing about a fancy dinner and getting the perfect gift, celebrate your relationship from the comfort of your own home this Valentine’s Day.

    Indoor Picnic

    Once you change into your comfy clothes, get a blaze going in the fireplace (or a video on the TV!) and settle down on the living room floor for a winter picnic. Sharing a cozy meal in front of the flickering flames is very romantic, and you don’t have to worry if you spill on your PJ’s. Put down a blanket to add to the picnic theme, and choose a spread of appetizers and small bites that you both can easily snack on.

    Fondue It Up

    To make the night extra special, pull out all the stops and make something that you normally wouldn’t. Fondue restaurants are popular on Valentine’s Day, so skip the hustle and bustle and bring the fondue to you. If you want to go all out, you can prepare both a savory cheese fondue and a sweet chocolate fondue. Getting the bite-size dipping foods ready is a fun bonding experience with your special someone, and you can surprise each other by choosing interesting flavor combinations.

    Movie and a Massage

    Once you’re stuffed full of melted cheese and gooey chocolate, throw some cushions onto the floor and settle in for a romantic movie. You could always choose a classic tear-jerker like “The Notebook” or “Titanic,” or something that has a special meaning in your relationship. Touch is one of the most important ways to show your love for someone, so offer your partner a foot or back massage during the movie. 

    Themed Gifts

    Either before or after the movie, take a few minutes to exchange meaningful gifts with one another. Since it’s common for people in relationships to feel anxious about gift-giving, talk about the type of gift you want to give one another beforehand. You could specify a maximum price for the gift, or if it has to be homemade, or have special significance for something that happened in your relationship. Deciding on a specific theme beforehand allows you both to get creative and really put thought into each of your gifts instead of just relying on the usual chocolate and flowers.

    Gratitude Lists

    This activity could be a part of your gift-giving or a separate task you do together during your V-day night in. One of the keys to a healthy relationship is feeling empathy and gratitude toward your partner, so take a few minutes to write down exactly what you are grateful for in the other person. This could be a specific small thing you’ve noticed they do for you every day or something you really admire about them. Especially in long-term relationships, it can be easy to forget how special your bond is. A comfortable night in will help you get back in touch with your partner.

    A Galentine’s Night In: Valentine’s Day Pajama Party Ideas for Friends

    As we learned from Leslie Knope, celebrating friendships on this day of love is just as important as romantic relationships. Whether you’re single, committed, or something in between, here are some ways to have a Galentine’s night in. Showing up in your favorite pajamas is, of course, required.

    Dessert Potluck

    Instead of placing the chocolate burden on the host, each Galentine’s attendee can bring one special gourmet dessert. If you have indecisive friends, you can always assign each person a dessert to bring to make sure there’s an even balance. Some Valentine’s Day-themed sweets you could try out include:

    1. Marshmallow sprinkle pops (recipe above)
    2. Chocolate-dipped strawberries
    3. White chocolate mousse cups
    4. Peanut butter pretzel hearts

      For bonus points, ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine that best complements the flavors of their dessert. Not only is this a nice touch, but it also ensures there is exactly enough wine for each attendee.

      Wine Blindfold Test

      Speaking of wine, can you actually tell the difference between a pricey pinot and a $3 bottle from the gas station? Find out with the wine blindfold test. Though this activity does require a little more work for the host, it’s a lot of fun for everyone involved. Have each of your friends contribute a few bucks, then go out before the night of the party to buy some bottles of wine at various prices. Then, have each person do a blind taste test and rate how expensive they think the wine is. The winner gets to keep the fancy bottle to themselves for the night!

      DIY Chocolate-Strawberry Face Masks

      Not only are strawberries delicious, but they are actually good for your skin as well. Treat your face to a little dessert by slathering on this DIY chocolate and strawberry face mask. All you have to do is blend up some strawberries, then mix in a few scoops of cocoa powder, yogurt, and honey until it’s the right consistency. Leave on for 20 minutes or so then wash it off. If a little makes its way into your mouth in the process, that’s fine too.

      Love-Themed Nail Art

      Settle down  in front of your favorite movie and indulge in some Valentine’s nail art. A classic red or pink is always a good look, and there are plenty of nail stickers to make use of if you’re not the nail polish type. You can also pick up some white and pale pink nail pens and try freehanding those Pinterest designs you’ve been eyeing.

      Love Poem Secret Santa

      Let’s not forget the reason you all came together for this pajama party - to celebrate the love you have for one another. Write each person’s name on a slip of paper, and have your friends draw a random name. Everyone will spend some time writing a poem or short message about why they are grateful for that friend and what they admire about them. You can make it funny if you want, and  though there will definitely be nervous giggles this is a great way to express your love on Galentine’s Day.

      It’s Sugar High Time: Valentine’s Day Pajama Party Ideas for Kids

      Valentine’s Day can be a tough holiday for kids to fully appreciate, as it’s usually focused on either romantic expressions of love or as an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate. Below are some ways to ensure your kids have a great time but also learn about the importance of expressing love to their family.

      Get Ready to Party

      If you have time beforehand, purchase some comfy Valentine’s Day PJ’s or accessories. It’s a great way to make the pajama party extra special. These could be heart-themed flannels for the kids, or some fuzzy pink socks and red slippers. You could also stock up on V-day decor like couch pillows and throw blankets.

      Marshmallow Sprinkle Pops

      Let your young ones help you make this tasty after-dinner treat. Be sure to stock up on all the best Valentine’s Day-themed toppings, such as cherry syrup and heart-shaped sprinkles. All you have to do is melt the chocolate in the microwave and put the marshmallows on the popsicle sticks, and the kids can take care of the rest.

      Family Love Cards

      Once they’re sufficiently hyped up on sugar, have your kids make a Valentine’s Day card for each member of the family - pets can count too! Ask them to write down (or tell you so you can write) what they love about each person, and draw them a picture that they think that person would like. Then each family member can take turns reading their cards aloud. We’ve included easy, foldable heart cards below to get you started. Be sure to print front-to-back to make sure the pattern is on both sides:

      Musical Hearts

      If your kids are getting a little antsy, it’s time to break out this holiday favorite, which you’ll want to prep beforehand. Cut out 20–25 large paper hearts, and write a task on each of them with marker. These can be things like:

      1. Sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb”
      2. Give your sister a hug
      3. Do your favorite dance move

        Place the hearts face down on the ground in a circle, and have the kids walk around the circle just like musical chairs. Pump that Valentine’s Day playlist, and when the music stops they’ll pick up the heart they were standing on and do the task on the back. Once they do the task, they can pick a small treat.

        Settle in for a Movie

        Once you’ve exhausted your supply of treats and games, it’s time to hit the couch for a kids movie. This could be a classic like “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown,” a Valentine’s Day special like “Elmo Loves You” or “Barney: Be My Valentine,” or even a romantic Disney movie such as “Enchanted” or “Beauty and the Beast.” If the kids aren’t too sleepy after, you can ask them how the characters in the movie showed that they loved each other. 

        This day of love doesn’t have to be about grand gestures or breaking the bank on fancy gifts. Instead, spend warm, quality time with your loved ones and make the night truly special. All you need is a snug pair of PJ’s and a few activities up your sleeve. Be sure to visit Tommy John for all your comfy clothes and underwear needs this Valentine’s season.