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What is the Pocket in Panties For?

Women’s clothing often seems to neglect an incredibly useful feature: pockets. We’ve all had the experience of trying to figure out what could possibly fit in the miniature pockets on our favorite pair of jeans. And everyone loves to show off a new dress only to add, “Also, it has pockets.” 

In the quest for pockets, some of us have come across one in a totally unexpected place: the crotch of our panties. But what is the pocket in womens underwear for

Why is There a Pocket in Women’s Underwear?

The little pocket in your panties may seem like the perfect size for lipstick, a credit card, or some wireless earbuds—but it’s definitely not for storage.

The reason for the crotch pocket is simple: A small piece of extra fabric—called a gusset—sits in the crotch of your undies to provide reinforcement, breathability, and moisture-wicking. When the gusset is sewn into a pair of panties, only one side gets stitched in, leaving a small pocket right in the space where your sensitive area sits. 

Illustration of white pair of panties with a darker pink section representing where the gusset is located

The little pocket itself doesn’t have any important function, but the gusset definitely does. That small piece of extra fabric provides upgrades to both underwear hygiene and comfort by keeping moisture away and providing softness where it’s needed most. Whether you're sleeping in panties or spending the day out and about.

Now that you know more about the not-so-secret pocket in your undies, read on for a few more tips to up your underwear game.

5 Tips to Improve Your Underwear Game

You already know that the crotch pocket in your panties has your back when it comes to hygiene and comfort. But if you’re feeling like your underwear drawer has become a bit worn out, try out some of these tips.

Overhead view of a drawer of folded and rolled panties of different colors and assortments representing a leveled up “underwear game

Get Familiar With Different Styles

Find the perfect pair of panties for every occasion. Branch out from familiar styles and try out different pairs with various fits and coverages—like cozy boyshorts or something sleek and cheeky.

Find the Perfect Fabric

Your panties stick with you through the good and the bad, but to keep them from actually sticking to you, make sure to get smart fabrics that are cool, soft, and light.

Choose Comfort and Style, Not One or the Other

You don’t have to choose between comfort and style: the best panties should fit well and feel amazing

Don’t Settle for “Just Okay” 

Underwear isn’t usually the focus of your day, but you may not be able to think about anything else if you’re dealing with wedgies, chafing, or rough fabric. Make sure that you’re not settling for mediocrity in your underwear drawer. 

Treat Your Panties as Well as They Treat You

Once you’ve got a beautiful underwear drawer, you’ll want to keep it that way by washing and drying your panties so that they stay fresh and last a long time. And don’t forget to try out eco-friendly wash options to enhance your green cleaning routine. 

Finding Your Next Pair of Panties

The little pocket inside of your panties helps with hygiene, but a good pair of panties offers even more: style, comfort, and fit. When you’re looking to find the right pair of panties for any occasion, make sure you consider exactly what you need to feel good. A pair of cool cotton underwear is soft and breathable, while other fabrics may offer no visible panty lines. No matter what you’re looking for, the right pair is waiting for you—with a gusset, of course.