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Why are boxer briefs so popular? 5 crucial factors to consider

Ever since Marky Mark sported them in a famous 90s ad campaign, boxer briefs have found a special place in our global underwear consciousness. And in fact, the original brief-shorts hybrid design has been around since the 1920s, with the advent of stretchy new fabrics available at commercial scale.

Even so, you might not think about boxer briefs too much if you’re a strictly-boxers purist or a only-briefs hardliner. Underwear is a ‘set it and forget it’ style choice for a lot of people. If you find a cut or brand that works for you, it might take you ages to reevaluate. That’s why, today, we’re taking a moment to ask the hard questions: Do boxer briefs deserve all the fanfare? Why are they so popular? And if you’re not wearing them yet, should you start?

Here are 5 reasons boxer briefs have achieved so much fame in a relatively short timespan.

1. No bunching or riding

Poorly crafted traditional boxers have a tendency to bunch up as the fabric shifts around beneath your pants. That can get awfully uncomfortable over the course of your day. It leads to a lot of tugging and adjusting, and even painful chafing if the boxer’s central seam cuts into your tender bits. Boxers can also ride, leaving the waistband high up above your hips and resulting in an epidemic scientists call Chronic Wedgie Syndrome. 

Boxer briefs, on the other hand, fit you like a glove. The body-hugging, stretchy fabric holds them in place, giving you Second Skin comfort with no riding or bunching - and no need for adjustments.

2. No squeezing or crushing

Even for folks who prefer the snug fit of briefs, a too-tight cut along with certain types of activities can lead to uncomfortable situations. Tight squeezing and chafing, no matter how much you love those old tighty-whities, can make for a very bad day.

Again, boxer briefs are the best of both worlds. They cradle and support you without constricting your nether regions. And with Tommy John’s innovative Quick-Draw Fly, hitting the bathroom is more convenient than ever - an achievement traditional briefs can only dream of.

3. Style options for days

Are you a fan of simple, solid-color underwear? Or perhaps you’re up for a slick colorblock style? Paddle prints. Stars and stripes. Pineapples. If you’re in the market for snazzy, eye-catching designs, boxer briefs offer virtually unlimited choices. 

Historically, bright and colorful underwear options were only offered by hacky novelty brands - while finely crafted undergarments were the terrain of traditional (read: boring) manufacturers. That’s why Tommy John’s best-of-both-worlds boxer briefs - quality-built from premium materials and strikingly stylish - are breaking new ground.

4. Second-skin breathability

For many of us, the long-running (and sometimes-divisive) battle between briefs and boxers has come down to an issue of airflow. While you might like the support and protection of briefs, you might also find them hot and stuffy compared to the breezy feel of boxers. Until recently, it was a ‘pick your poison’ scenario. 

But now, thanks to Tommy John’s groundbreaking new design and premium materials, you can have both. Our Cool Cotton boxer briefs are crafted from luxurious, ultra-breathable Pima cotton - one of the highest-grade cotton types available on the market. And our Second Skin Boxer Briefs are formulated from 90% micromodal - a naturally breathable fabric derived from beech trees which stays luxuriously soft through repeated washing.

5. Unbeatable versatility

Boxer briefs are the ultimate in go-anywhere, do-anything flexibility. Their trim and contoured fit means you’re equally comfortable hiking the backcountry or hanging in a wine bar. (And yeah, if someone sees you in your boxer briefs, you’ll look your sexy best.) Of course, this kind of versatility makes boxer briefs the ultimate travel essential. If you’re trying to pack light and keep your baggage to a minimum, these are the underwear to throw in your backpack. You’ll be prepared, as the Boy Scouts say - even if you don’t know what you’re preparing for.

So go ahead - ride your bike in those boxer briefs, wear them under your office clothes, lounge around the house, and do whatever makes you happy. There’s virtually no scenario where you’ll regret wearing boxer briefs - and how many regret-free moves are there in life?