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Why loungewear will shake up your wardrobe overnight

Maybe you’ve stocked up weekend clothes and work attire... but what about your third wardrobe? The one that’s designed to feel amazing whether you’re reading in bed, making popcorn for movie night, or getting caught up in your home office? Yeah, we’re talking about loungewear.

Americans are spending more and more time at home, and loungewear is the ultimate luxury item to help turn your home into a castle. But it can be so much more if you let it. Why is loungewear such an amazing way to rethink your entire wardrobe? Just consider these points:

It’s unbeatable for self-pampering

Long commutes after hard days at work, extra hours at the office to get caught up—-there’s a lot that might come between you and your house on workdays. The less time you have to recharge and refresh before bedtime, the more important it is to spoil yourself a little. Slip into something comfortable and read a book, or watch your favorite show. 

You tired, old sweatpants aren’t good enough. You need something that feels amazing against your skin while you’re stretching out and winding down so that you’re ready to do it all over again tomorrow. 

You can actually sleep in them

If you spent years wearing pajamas only to take them off before you went to bed, the idea of loungewear might seem foreign to you. But cheap, formless fabric doesn’t do much to keep you cozy at night! 

Fortunately, you don’t have to strip down and suffer the extra blanket to stay cozy. Quality loungewear is cozy enough to sleep in and so comfortable you’ll keep it on through breakfast. And comfort is obviously key when it comes to getting in those extra Z’s. And sleep - as we all should know by know - is a crucial foundation to your quality of life. In fact, there’s probably no better way to boost your healthy and happiness. So really, why wouldn’t you invest in some quality sleepwear?

Loungewear can double as daywear

By the time the weekend rolls around, it may take a lot of motivation to leave the house.  You might find yourself asking, “Do I have to put on pants for this?” Once you give our loungewear a shot, you’ll suddenly be adept at mental gymnastics, telling yourself it’s okay to wear as long as you’re just getting coffee or grabbing some tacos to bring back home. But there’s no need to stress!

The right loungewear lets you come and go as you please without looking like an underdressed mess. Style doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort - and once you have the proper attire, the look and feel more than justify showing up to brunch wearing your Henley. So when you’re headed out to the coffee shop, you don’t need to put on pants—especially when you have functional pockets.

It’s perfect for mixing and matching

There are plenty of places where people won’t think twice seeing you in your matching pajamas. But owning several colors means you can mix and match your tops and bottoms, and you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed to show up at happy hour. 

Combine your loungewear with the right accessories and you can upgrade your look from tired to effortless, without having to invest any extra time in dressing. Your clothing should always fit the mood. And when you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to loosen up and have fun, no matter what kind of week you’ve been having. 

Extravagance that fits you

At Tommy John, we make clothes that feel good to wear. Our loungewear is impossibly light and soft to the touch, so you can indulge in style and comfort. But it’s also designed to fit you as you move or relax. Our Second Skin fabric is so comfortable that it starts to feel like part of you, and it always stretches where it needs to. 

If your loungewear fits right, you should be able to roll over in bed without any fabric getting caught under you and tugging itself out of place. And you should be able to hop up off the couch without any loose fabric gathering at your thighs. Don’t try to fit your clothes—buy clothes that fit you.

The bottom line

If your loungewear isn’t doing all of the above, it’s time to toss it and give Tommy John a try. Welcome yourself home after a long day by putting on a pair of our shorts with one of our hoodies, and all the stress will start to melt away. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to stay in for the night - there’s plenty of occasions you’re now perfectly dressed for.

And hey, if you aren’t satisfied with your new loungewear, it’s on us. So what are you waiting for?