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You might be a boxer briefs man if... (5 dead giveaways)

If you’re still on the fence about the best kind of underwear, you’re not alone. Plenty of men have mindlessly stuck to whatever style their parents or partner choose for them. But if you’re not jazzed about the way your underwear makes you feel - either because the look isn’t right or it’s just plain uncomfortable - it’s time to be a grown-ass man and take charge or your style. 

And here’s the good news: There’s a lot more out there than boxers or briefs to choose from. Take boxer briefs, for instance. Are they right for you? Here are some clear cut signs you should make the switch:

1. You’re always on the move

If you like to stay active, boxer briefs are your new best friend. They offer plenty of support in the front and back, but they will never restrict your movement or ride up between your thighs. Plus, the right fabric can add breathability and control excess sweat when you’re giving it your all, so you’ll stay clean and dry.

Choose the right fabric for high-activity days—make sure it wicks sweat and prevents microbes from setting up shop, and always keep an extra pair in your gym bag to change into. The people around you will appreciate it just as much as you will. 

2. The squats have paid off

If you’ve been diligent with your squat routine (or maybe you’re just naturally sporting a perfect rump), why not flaunt what you’ve got? Boxer briefs show off your best features and never give you wedgies, making them flattering rear-wear.

Boxer briefs will help round everything out and hug tight against your backside, so you can feel confident and stylish while you strut - whether you’re at the club or just bumming around the house.

3. You’re fashion-forward

If briefs make you feel like a five-year-old all over again, and boxers are too dowdy for your taste, the boxer brief is a compromise made in heaven. They’re sophisticated and sexy, and they never let anything hang out. And the statistics are on your side—most people prefer the look of boxer briefs on their partner.

Of course, you shouldn’t let the general public sway your opinion on what feels right to you. But if there’s anyone special you want to show off for, boxer briefs are worth exploring. Hey, if they make you and a smitten admirer happy, then you’re getting double your money’s worth.

4. You like to keep everything in its place

If all the shock and jostling of a full sprint leaves you feeling sensitive, then boxer briefs will give you the crucial support you need. They keep your luggage comfortably in its place so you can focus your energy on moving and not stress about pinching, squeezing, or readjusting. Plus, the extra fabric will absorb excess moisture and keep you cool so you’ll stay comfortable all day, no matter what the weather outside is like. 

Of course, sometimes all it takes is one flight of stairs to get things bouncing, so even if you’re not running a marathon, boxer briefs will keep you supported for the expected and unexpected moving you’ll do throughout the day. 

5. You’re strictly against chafing

If you love skinny jeans, you’ve probably dealt with some serious chafing. Denim is tough and resilient—that’s why people love it. But your skin deserves a break, especially in your most sensitive areas. More coverage means less rubbing. But the vintage baggy pants you save for 90s night can be just as troublesome. All that extra material can get tangled up with boxers, and a low crotch means briefs will let your thighs rub together. 

But whether it’s abrasive denim or skin-on-skin chapping your nether-regions, boxer briefs can prevent irritation by giving you a cozy buffer. Boxer briefs will banish chafing for good, so you can rock your favorite pair of jeans no matter what style you prefer. And hey, it’ll be a lot easier to work up the nerve to dance when you’re comfortable in your clothes.

The bottom line

If you want underwear that can keep up with you as you power through your day - as well as boost your confidence when it’s time to strip down - then it’s time to take the boxer brief plunge. 

But even if boxer briefs have already won you over, that doesn’t mean you should settle for any old pair. Your new skivvies won’t accomplish anything for you if they’re cheaply made, bunch, roll, or slide out of place!

At Tommy John, we set out to make the perfect, adjustment-free underwear that never rides up and never sags down. And we’re confident we can deliver. In fact, we’re so sure we’ve made the best pair of underwear you’ll ever wear that you’ll get your money back if you disagree. Give it a shot and see for yourself.