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Men's Socks

Most men don’t think about their socks too often. As long as they fit your feet and are more-or-less wearable, they’re good enough. But listen - if you’ve been settling for “good enough” in the sock department, you have no idea what you’re missing. A pair of men’s socks from Tommy John is like nothing your feet have experienced before. 

Tommy John’s men’s socks are crafted from a high-quality Pima cotton blend and are designed with powerful features that keep you cool, comfortable, and dry. InvisiGrip® Technology keeps our socks in place, with 100% less sliding and tugging. And thanks to extra arch support and zoned cushioning, our dress socks and sports socks alike are high-performance and built to last.

Of course, Tommy John’s socks for men are available in whatever styles and colors you fancy. Whether you need plain black dress socks for a buttoned-down day at the office, or you’re ready to break out the pineapple-print socks for the weekend, we’ve got your back. (And your feet.) 

Q: How do you fold socks?
A: Don’t roll them into each other! This doesn’t actually save you any space and it wears out the elastic. Instead, try the square fold method. This lets you stack your socks neatly in your drawer without them rolling off of each other or dominating your dresser. Here’s how it works:

Start by making an x with your socks. Then, flip the bottom half of the bottom sock over the top sock, and tuck the toe underneath to form a straight line. Next, fold the top half of the bottom sock over the middle, and tuck the top. Repeat the process with the other sock, and you should end up with a perfect square. 

Q: What size socks do I wear?
A: Every brand is a little different - but since socks are very stretchy, you’ll likely be able to wear the same size from one brand to another. 

Men’s socks generally come in two sizes. The smaller ones fit up to a shoe size 10.5, while larger men’s socks fit up to size 13. (If you have wide feet, consider going up a size to get a comfortable fit.) Women’s socks often come in three sizes, with the smallest meant to fit up to a shoe size of 6.5, the medium fitting 7-9.5, and large covering sizes 10-13.

Q: How can you keep socks out of the landfill?
A: There’s plenty of great ways to upcycle an old sock! Use them as dusting or cleaning rags, buff your shoes with them, polish your car, roll ornaments and other fragile items in them for storage, or fill them with rice for a DIY microwavable heating pad.