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Men's Undershirts

The undershirt is an indispensable tool in any gentleman’s fashion wardrobe. Your undershirt protects you from deodorant and pit stains from body odor while keeping your body oils off of expensive fabrics (like that new dress shirt). They also work well when layering under more casual clothes to keep sweat from soaking through and to keep you warmer in chilly weather. They make you cozy and confident by regulating body temperature and moisture.

Equally important, undershirts offer modesty in professional situations. Button gaps have a habit of showing off too much skin for the office - and without an undershirt, your nipples may be a little more visible than you like. The right undershirt eliminates these issues while offering an extra layer of protection from plumber's crack. And when it comes to the perfect base layer, these soft, comfy men's undershirts can get you through the day without a struggle. 

At Tommy John, we prioritize the three F’s—fabric, fit, and function—in every article of clothing we make. We start with advanced fabrics that keep you cool and dry for longer, and our tagless design ensures there’s nothing irritating on your skin. Our slim fit tailoring with just the right amount of stretch can also streamline your appearance and reduce nipple chafing. When it comes to function, we’ve designed and tested every detail to keep your shirt in place and you looking fresh, 24/7. The long, stay-tucked tail means your shirt will stay put, eliminating the excessive fabric look and keeping your overshirt sleek. 

When it comes to style, we’ve got plenty of options to keep your bases covered. The classic men's crewneck undershirts offers full coverage, perfect for when you need to wear a necktie all day. Like all of our undershirts, it’s equipped with a memory collar designed to lie flat and help you avoid “bacon neck.” And for a more relaxed under layer, the men's high v-neck undershirt will give you some extra breathing room around the collar. 

Our men's deep v-neck undershirts is perfect for days when you want the flexibility to unbutton a few buttons and show off some chest, while still providing plenty of protection for a dress shirt. And our men's tank tops help you stay modest while adding a smoothing layer to keep your outer shirt from showing lumps, bumps, or chest hair lines. 

Your fabric choice lets you prep for the day ahead of you. Cool Cotton undershirts for men offer all the comfort of regular cotton with advanced moisture wicking technology built in. Undershirts for men made of Second Skin fabric provide silky softness to comfort you through long meetings, and our Air fabric is unbelievably light and perfectly invisible even under thin fabrics. 

Already know the perfect undershirt and style for you? Pick up a pack and you’ll be good through laundry day! And don’t stop there—no great undershirt is complete without the perfect pair of men's underwear.