Learn Why You Should Wear A Tommy John Undershirt.

More than one million undershirts sold and counting, because our patented design is perfect.

Stays tucked. Stays dry. Stays hidden.

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Why Do I Need An Undershirt?

  • Helps prevent sweaty underarms
  • Avoids sweat stains
  • Extends the life of your outer shirts
  • Reduces dry cleaning costs by up to 70%
  • Hides unruly ‘porcupining’ chest hair

Every guy - no matter his body type - needs an undershirt. Our undershirts fit all shapes and sizes up to 7 ft tall.

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Crew Neck

Best when you're buttoned up with a tie, or under a sweater.

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High V-Neck

Best when you're tieless with only 1 button undone.

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Deep V-Neck

Wider and deeper. Designed to be invisible even with 2-3 buttons undone.

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Tank Top

Hate sleeves, but need a base layer? We've got you.

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Which Fabric is right for me?

Our proprietary fabrics keep you comfortable in any eventuality.

Cool 765x500

Cool Cotton

For guys that prefer cotton. Keeps you cool even if you sweat.

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Soft 765x500

Second Skin

For guys that want a silky soft feel.

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Light 765x500


Feather light and quick drying, perfect for the traveler.

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Don't let your undershirt be your undoing.

Watch the film.

“I found the perfect undershirt. It changed my life.” Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times
I’m convinced. As an XXL I did not wear undershirts because they were uncomfortable and hot – until now.
Tom D.
These undershirts are far superior to any competitor on the market. At 6’4” tall, an undershirt that stays tucked and wicks away moisture is an asset to any person wearing a suit every day.
Marcus M.
Love the fit and length of the undershirts. Never thought that my undershirt would make my over-shirt look, fit and feel better, but these undershirts absolutely do!
Heath K.
Best damn undershirts on the planet.
Greg B.
Awesome!!! I love this undershirt!!! It feels great and it stays tucked all day. I will be ordering more and replacing all my old shirts!!
Robert G.

Try Risk-Free with our Stay-Tucked Guarantee.

If our patented Stay-Tucked Undershirt isn't the best you’ve ever worn, it's on us.

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