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360 Stretch Fabric: Why It's a Must for Gym Underwear

Fellas, it’s time we get one thing straight: what’s holding you back in your workouts probably isn’t what you think.

You don’t need to switch to the hottest new gym, partner with a celebrity-grade personal trainer, or convince the guy next to you it’s time somebody else gets a pass at the chest press. Odds are, you just need to upgrade your boxer briefs.

What type of underwear should I wear to the gym, you ask? The answer comes in the form of a 360 stretch fabric style that can enhance your performance, help prevent bunch-ups, and keep you squeaky clean before (and after) you workout. Below, we take a look at how the 360 Sport athletic style of workout underwear hits (and sits) different from other workout gear.

3 Ways 360 Stretch Fabric Improves Every Sweat Session

Every gym-goer knows that choosing the wrong pair of underwear before working out can drive a wedge—or a wedgie—into your workout routine.

For the gym, the park, or even the yoga studio (especially the yoga studio), you need your drawers to be up to the physical challenges that come with every exercise. Here are 3 ways 360 stretch fabric has your back, even when it’s a leg day.

#1 It’s Designed With Gym-Ready Textiles

Athletic underwear needs to be gym material—literally.

360 stretch is the ideal gym buddy for you and your top drawer because it’s made from two textiles built for workout clothes. These include:

  • Polyester – Polyester is an excellent fabric for gym underwear. While durable enough to withstand a strenuous workout, it’s also lightweight and breathable so that you stay cool even as you’re building heat.
  • Spandex – You’d be hard-pressed to find a stretchier, more flexible fabric than spandex. As a textile that can stretch between five and seven times its original size, spandex is one of the few materials out there that can accommodate the full range of motion you’re going for during a workout session.

#2 It Won’t Bunch Up On You

When it comes to gym underwear, men’s sports briefs should work with you, rather than against you. The last thing you want while working out is a pair of exercise underwear that shifts, wads, and holes up in untoward places while you’re trying to set a new personal reps record. 

No matter how you like to stay active, 360 Stretch Fabric underwear styles boast two design elements that give you the support and flexibility you need while working out:

  • They won’t ride up – Trunks riding up mid-workout can lead to a world of physical discomfort, from chafing thighs to skin rashes that persist long after you’ve exited the gym. 360 Stretch Fabric is flexible to conform to each move you make, without moving out of place as you do. 
  • They maintain their shape – 360 Stretch Fabric underwear styles are built for resiliency. They won’t distract from your workout by rolling, bunching, or pinching—and they’re designed to keep their shape after every wash. While traditional undies can lose their fit after a few wears, 360 stretch fabric is built to snap back into action for as long as you’re doing the same.


#3 It Keeps You Fresh and Clean

While few things feel better than powering through a sweaty workout, tearing it up at the gym isn’t known to make you smell like a bed of daisies.

That said, it’s not perspiration itself that causes B.O.—that post-gym musk is the result of accumulated bacteria breaking down the sweat on your skin. This might not sound like a big deal, but bacteria can cause a variety of health issues, from skin rashes and chafing to more serious infections. 

Your gym underwear is a crucial top-drawer item that can help mitigate the reaction and keep you smelling fresh and feeling grime-free. 360 Stretch Fabric takes care of this pre-, during-, and post-workout in two key ways:

  • 360 stretch fabric is antimicrobial, which means it discourages bacterial buildup that contributes to body odor while you break a sweat. 
  • Not only does it put the kibosh on bacterial overgrowth, but 360 stretch fabric’s moisture-wicking properties. This means they conduct your sweat towards the outer layers of your gym shorts, helping you stay dry as you’re sweating it out. Translation: any bacteria that do take up residence in your drawers will have less sweat to break down—and, thus, lead to less odor in the long run.

Tommy John’s 360 Stretch Fabric: Underwear That Goes As Hard As You Do

At the core, your gym-ready workout bottoms should take care of three things to help you get the most bang from your workout: a comfortable design, an anti-bunch build, and bacteria-busting textiles. Still unsure which kind of athletic underwear is best for you? Check out the Athletic Underwear Guide to find out. 

With movement-ready flexibility with phenomenal support and fabric that keeps you dry while fighting odors, Tommy John’s 360 Stretch Fabric is up for whatever jumps, kicks, sprints, or lifts you throw its way. 

Ready to find the best underwear for your exercise needs? Take your workout and top drawer up a notch and find your fittest pair yet today.


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