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7 Reasons to Add 360 Sport Briefs to Your Underwear Drawer

From keeping a tight workout schedule to running your standard guy-about-town circuits (work, home, local taproom, repeat), every 21st-century man needs a pair of briefs that can keep up when life gets active. 

But sport briefs aren’t just for triathletes who push their body to the limit on a regular basis. Keeping this style of athletic underwear on hand is essential for eliminating every limitation your standard pair can thrust on you, from riding up to stealing your focus—whether it’s on a work stand-up or press-ups at the gym.

But before you say sayonara to your outmoded BVDS, you’ll want to ensure you pick a style of athletic briefs that can run circles around your underwear drawer. For that, no briefs can compare to Tommy John’s 360 Sports Briefs—and below, we detail seven reasons why.

7 Ways 360 Sport Briefs Take Your Top Drawer Up A Notch

Keeping an athletic style of underwear on hand is essential for ensuring you get the most out of your workout—and whatever else life has to throw your way.

From keeping the family jewels guarded to keeping bacteria out of the picture, here are 7 reasons why the Tommy John 360 Sport Briefs are your top drawer #1 wingman.

#1. The Stay-Put Waistband

If you’ve ever been interrupted by the tell-tale discomfort of a bunching, rolling, or drooping waistband, you know how frustrating unreliable gym underwear can be. Slippery waistbands can be a notorious distraction, whether you’re trying to focus on an AM workout or presenting to new clients on a Zoom call.

Thankfully, the 360 Sports Briefs are designed with a Stay-Put waistband that conforms to your body’s contours, without the pinching that can come with close-quarters garments. Instead, it’s designed to flex alongside you so that you can move and breathe easily—no adjustments necessary.


#2. 360 Stretch Fabric

Our 360 Sports Brief gets its name from the special stretch fabric we designed them with. 

We blended two of the best textiles active guys can wear to optimize your mobility, however you like to stay active. Our 360 power couple fabric includes:

  • Polyester – Durable, lightweight, and naturally moisture-wicking, polyester and the gym go together like pecs and bench presses. What’s more, polyester is a breathable fabric, so you’re guaranteed to stay cool and dry. 
  • Spandex – Spandex is one of the most flexible fabrics in existence, which is why it’s a staple textile in most activewear on the shelves today. Our spandex blend means you’ll have a full range of motion (that’s 360º, folks!) at your disposal, with no hindrances to limit your workout along the way.

Whether you’re biking to work, shooting hoops with your buddies, or walking the dog with your sig-O, 360 Stretch Fabric is built to move with you, no matter how you choose to move.

#3. Antimicrobial Fabric

Underwear is known to be a breeding ground for bacteria—even after they’ve exited the washing machine—and can lead to conditions like fungal jock itch if they aren’t made with a material that can keep them at bay.

Fortunately, our 360 Sport Briefs are antimicrobial, which means they can help inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Parasites
  • Viruses

    By suiting up in 360 Sport Briefs, you’ll be putting your hygiene first and helping your underwear stay cleaner for the entirety of your briefs’ life cycle.

    #4. Anti-Odor Fabric 

    When we sweat, the bacteria and microbes that dwell in our skin break down our perspiration, leading to a foul odor emanating from our briefs. 360 Sports Briefs are made with two design principles in mind to help to keep you smelling fresher for longer:

    • Breathability – Certain materials of underwear can trap moisture against your skin, which can spur on itchiness and unpleasant odors. As a polyester blend, the 360 Sport Brief is a powerhouse for encouraging air to circulate, allowing the moisture you generate during a workout to evaporate off of your skin and phase into the air.
    • Moisture-wicking – 360 Sports Brief fabric is moisture-wicking, which helps your sweat migrate from the surface of your skin to the outer layers of your underwear fabric. This limits the amount of moisture bacteria have to feed on, helping you smell fresher in the interim before your drawers hit the wash.

      #5. Extra Support Where You Need It Most 

      Whether you’re doing squats, lifting weights, or just sprinting to the train at rush hour, you need a pair of briefs that provide enough support to skip any unnecessary jostling in tender places. 

      For gentle but firm coverage where you need it most, reach for a 360 Sports Brief constructed with a Hammock Pouch. This design element is made from a lightweight Air Mesh fabric that gently grades with your movement while giving you and your boys adequate support.

      #6. Quick-Draw Fly

      Your body doesn’t care if you’re in the middle of a series of reps or closing in on the final mile of your run—when you’ve gotta go, you gotta go. But a too-close-for-comfort pair of underwear can make getting to the bathroom in a hurry almost as challenging as your workout itself. So, what’s a guy to do?

      Tommy John’s 360 Sports Briefs are built to answer nature’s call in a pinch. With a seamless Quick Draw Fly integrated into each pair’s design, you can rely on this horizontal fly for quick and easy access (and relief) at a moment’s notice.

      #7. Three Inseam Lengths To Choose From

      Bid wedgies adieu and kiss underwear that rides up goodbye—the 360 Sport Briefs come in a diverse range of inseam lengths to fit your preference, outfit, and whatever activities are on the docket for the day.

      Our three perfect-fit inseam lengths include:

      • Sports trunks – The 360 Sports Trunk is our shortest 360 Sport Brief, featuring a 4” inseam. They fall to the middle of your thigh for increased mobility and friction-free functionality. 
      • Mid-length boxer brief – Our mid-length boxer brief features a 6” inseam, making them a perfect option for the gym. Those six inches give you an ideal amount of coverage while eliminating any extra length that can show under the hem of your gym shorts. 
      • Standard-length boxer brief – Guys who like a little more coverage can reach for our standard-length boxer brief, featuring an 8” inseam. It’s an excellent choice when containment is top-of-mind, or if you’re heading for colder weather and need an extra layer of warmth.

      #8. The Price is Right 

      Whether you’re paying monthly fees for a gym membership, buying top-of-the-line cross-trainers, or spending money on personal training sessions, the last thing you need to shell out on is the underwear you wear while you’re doing it all.

      Fortunately, Tommy John’s 360 Sports Brief won’t cramp your wallet’s style while you’re in motion. With sleek designs, fuss-free wear, and premium textiles that keep their shape (and your personal hygiene) even after you’ve worn them to death, you won’t have to worry about replacing your underwear every other payday. 

      Tommy Johns 360 Sport Briefs promise top quality at an affordable price—which means you can take them to the bank and the gym.

      Why The Right Underwear Is A Workout Essential 

      Our skivvies are the first garment we slip into at the start of the day. But can you skip the underwear and head straight for your gym shorts when you’re gearing up for a workout?

      In short: it’s not advisable.

      Yes, going with a standard pair of briefs can make you feel itchy, stuffy, or limited during a workout. But having a few sport-ready pairs on hand is essential for keeping you cozy and supported while you’re in motion—and for helping you ward off the following:

      • Chafing – Combined with perspiration, tight fabric rubbing against your skin while you’re exercising can lead to chafing, irritation, and persistent rashes on your most sensitive areas. Underwear, especially boxer briefs, are built to protect your skin (especially the region between your thighs) from the friction that comes with working out.
      • Infections – Without a pair of underwear on, moisture and sweat tend to cling to the inside of your gym shorts. And where there’s moisture, those microbes we mentioned are bound to thrive, leading to everything from fungal overgrowth to bacterial infections on your skin. When in doubt, choose a pair of sport briefs that can help move perspiration towards the air where it can evaporate (rather than clinging to your undergarments).
      • Injury – If there’s just one reason to wear underwear while you’re exercising, it’s for the good of your lads down there. Unexpected movements, falls, and collisions can result in some painful injuries if you’ve left your nether regions unprotected, so always choose a gentle but firm pair of underwear that can keep your jewels safe on gym turf. 

      Tommy John’s 360 Sports Briefs: Underwear For Active Guys 

      No butts about it: from their moisture-wicking properties to our supportive Hammock Pouch, Tommy John’s 360 Sports Briefs are a top-shelf undergarment for guys looking for pure comfort with an active lifestyle.

      Whether you’re searching for your new favorite active underwear or other anything-but-basic basics, shop Tommy John loungewear, activewear, socks, and more to reinvent how you get dressed, no matter where you’re going.


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