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5 reasons guys go nuts for Hammock Pouch™ undies

“Tough it out,” is bad advice in almost every situation. But it’s especially unacceptable in the underwear drawer. If your current skivvies are squeezing, tugging, or chafing your stuff, there’s a simple solution: the Hammock Pouch™. 

The Hammock Pouch™ is a special pouch in your underwear that’s like a cozy nest for your boys. When you put on your underwear in the morning, you make sure everything is tucked away nicely in the Hammock Pouch™ to keep them off your thighs. If you’re feeling too macho for that kind of pampering, hear us out!

The Hammock Pouch™ can help you embrace your sensitive side by hugging your vulnerable bits and providing extra protection right where you need it most. So let’s take a closer look at why so many men are jumping on board with Hammock Pouch™ undies. 

1. They’re a major confidence boost

When you’re dressed to impress, you don’t want to forget about the bottom layer. Think about it - you wouldn’t wear a shirt that didn’t flatter your assets, so why wouldn’t you want your underwear to help you put your best side forward? 

The Hammock Pouch™ will help keep everything front and center for a more impressive display when it’s time to ditch your pants. Just think about the perfect birthday present - it’s a lot more fun to open when it’s packaged nicely.  

2. Support like you’ve never felt

There’s a reason women love their sports bras - too much bouncing can be painful when you’re working out. But breasts aren’t the only sensitive body parts that bounce, and the Hammock Pouch™ will help you keep everything in place during your daily hustle. Plus, it makes a trip to the bathroom a lot easier when you don’t have to rummage.

Ball ache is a painful problem for runners, but the Hammock Pouch™ is an easy fix. It will bring your boys closer to your body and keep them secure so there’s a lot less jostling. Size matters a lot here, so you need to make sure you buy men's underwear that fits snugly but not too tight. If you aren't sure of your hip size, explore our underwear size chart for measuring tips.

3. They’re the ultimate weapon against swamp crotch

Things turn ugly quick once you’re dealing with excess sweat. Sticking and chaffing can make it difficult to enjoy something as easy as a walk in the park. The Hammock Pouch™ will provide an extra layer of moisture-wicking fabric to prevent unwanted skin on skin contact from creating unnecessary friction throughout your day. 

Of course, it’s not just the chafing that gives swamp crotch a bad name. The smell can be equally heinous, especially for the people you’re closest to. There are plenty of odor-causing microbes that love the warm, moist conditions found in a sweaty pair of men's underwear

4. You’ll have extra leg room 

We all have that one friend who can’t keep his car clean, and trying to get comfortable with all that extra junk on the floorboard is a real pain. More space means more comfort, right? Well, the Hammock Pouch™ works on the same principle. Keeping your junk where it belongs means your legs don’t have to share the space with uninvited guests.

This means you won’t have to improvise any dance moves to disguise your attempt to free up your thighs when you're on the go. (And you’re probably not as discreet as you imagine, so this one is for everyone’s benefit.)

5. It’s like personal AC in your shorts

Humans are designed to sweat when it gets hot because of evaporative cooling. When water turns into vapor, it takes excess heat along with it and leaves your skin feeling cooler. It might seem counterintuitive, but the additional fabric in the hammock pouch can give your body’s natural cooling system a big boost. 

The extra, Air Mesh material in the pouch keeps your goods snuggly nestled away from the rest of your skin so the sweat can evaporate easily, and the moisture wicking fabric can speed this process up significantly by drawing up excess water away from your skin. That means when you’re rocking the Hammock Pouch™ you can beat the heat and look good while you do it. 

The bottom line

Tommy John designed the Hammock Pouch™ with the same commitment to form, function, and fit that drives all of our men's underwear styles. That means an adjustment-free experience throughout the day. No more picking wedgies or rolling waistbands - these undies will stay in place as you bend, move, stretch, or sit. 

Our innovative hammock pouch is made from a lightweight Air Mesh to give you unrivaled comfort and breathability for just the right amount of lift and support. And it’s available in two styles - boxer briefs or trunks. Think we’re full of it? Give it a try, and if you’re not convinced, your first pair is on us.