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Should you try the notorious Hammock Pouch™? Here are the pros & cons

You’ve heard the stories about the underwear that isolates your junk to keep everything in place... but are “Hammock Pouch™” really all they’re cracked up to be? If you’re still not clear on what exactly the Hammock Pouch™ is, we’ve got your back.

The Hammock Pouch™ is a pouch designed in the front of men’s underwear to keep your goods front and center. These can be found in trunks, boxer briefs, and other styles of men's underwear, and they have more than their fair share of enthusiastic fans. If you’re feeling a little hesitant to give it a shot, it’s understandable. Not every groundbreaking innovation is met with enthusiasm. But before you totally write it off, you should consider the benefits of this design. 

Advantages of the Hammock Pouch™

The Hammock Pouch™ has a number of surprising advantages, especially for the active crowd. They really shine in the summertime, and you’ll see why:

Unbeatable support 

Despite the leisurely sounding name, the Hammock Pouch™ is great for athletes. The hammock will keep the boys closer to your body so there’s less bouncing when you pick up the pace. That means no more turbulence for your sensitive bits when you’re running, jumping, or taking the stairs. If you’ve ever had to ice down your groin after a game of hoops, you’ll love the extra protection you get from the front pouch. 

Superior Presentation

The Hammock Pouch™ will keep things together so you can look your best when you disrobe. Once you get a glimpse of how great you look in the mirror, sporting undies with Hammock Pouch™ on a special occasion will feel like a no-brainer. Plus, the pouch will keep your sensitive bits from making a premature appearance. 

It will banish swamp crotch

If you struggle with chafing in the summer, it’s time to give the hammock pouch a chance. The hammock will give you lift and separation to keep things from sticking to your thighs. This means you avoid the dreaded “bat-wing” effect and keep your groin cool and dry - even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit at the gym. 

No more sharing space with your legs

Once the jewels are safely nestled in the hammock, you’ll enjoy some extra legroom in your undies. The legs of your undies will finally be reserved for nothing but your legs. Stretching, squatting, and jumping will be much simpler when everything stays where it belongs. 

Disadvantages of the Hammock Pouch™

For some people, there are a few drawbacks of this style worth mentioning. 

It takes some getting used to 

Not everyone will fall in love with the Hammock Pouch™ from the get-go. It may take a few days before you truly notice how much of a difference the added support and protection make. Once you can make it through a day of work without having to adjust yourself, you’ll start to see just how valuable they can be. 

The bulge effect

If you prefer a tighter fit in your pants, the Hammock Pouch™ might take some getting used to. That’s because this men's underwear feature can create a more noticeable bulge effect. If that’s not your style or if you’re simply looking for something more modest at work, you may want to save these undies for the weekend or opt for looser pants to work in. 

One size may not fit all

The Hammock Pouch™ is designed to fit most men, but everyone is different. The hammock may sit too high or low for the size of undies that fit you best, and some people may find the pouch a bit too snug or loose to get the support they need. For most people, moving a size up or down will work in these instances - but ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and a Hammock Pouch™ may not just be the right cut for you.

Tommy John’s Risk-free guarantee

Tommy John has designed a Hammock Pouch™ that will make suiting up all the sweeter in the heat of the summer. The cozy, breathable air mesh pouch will give your boys the relaxing day they deserve. Choose from boxer briefs or trunks, and then select a fabric type - Cool Cotton, Second Skin, or 360 Sport. This range of styles and materials means you’ll always have the perfect pair of skivvies on hand, from everyday wear to sports underwear.

If you’re still on the fence, there’s only one way to find out whether or not you’ll become a Hammock Pouch™ devotee. Tommy John offers a no-hassle guarantee so you can have some first-hand experience with the best Hammock Pouch™ on the market. We want you to love your men's underwear, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the first pair you try, it’s on the house.