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5 reasons loungewear is the classiest bedtime style in ages

What to wear to bed?

For an astonishing number of busy grown-ups the question could fairly be rephrased like so: What ratty t-shirt can we no longer leave the house in? 

Like magic, that t-shirt gets recategorized as “pajamas.” 

Set aside for a moment that you’re a serious professional. Maybe a parent. A neighbor. A PTA volunteer. Ignore the many hours you might spend each week burnishing your adulting credentials at the office, carefully calibrating a PowerPoint deck for the quarterly regional sales meeting. 

Disregard that you go over your kid’s homework assignments, emphasizing the Value of a Good Education. Forget the fact that for the 57th week in a row, you remembered to take out the trash and the recycling.

Forget all these things, and really take stock of that ratty T-shirt. Did you throw it on as soon as you passed the “no more visitors, no more leaving the house” threshold and were safe from spectators? (Wait, did you didn’t wear it while taking out the trash, did you...?) 

And who knows if you’re wearing anything on the bottom. Stained sweatpants of from the same era? Maybe. Old boxer shorts with a stretched-out elastic waistband? Yeah, got those. 

And that’s okay — fondness for a current (or former) romantic partner’s disintegrating t-shirt is a widespread phenomenon (and, studies show, can even occur sans fondness for the ex themselves). Affection for the wearable vestiges of our own past can be similarly comforting and familiar. 

And yet, the softness of these beloved tees’ ancient threads lulls us into fashion blindness. Look carefully and you might find that the extreme cleverness of their snarky slogans (“COLLEGE”) seems to have faded nearly as much as the textiles themselves. Okay, maybe even more... 

So here you are, dutifully caring for your dental hygiene like the upstanding adult that you are. But have you considered that your bedtime style might be the missing piece that takes your life from good to great? Or from great to outrageously stellar?

Luxe loungewear

Every person’s life has its ratty t-shirt moments. But surely with all the time we spend proving our respectability to others every day, we ought to take a moment to prove it to ourselves once in awhile, too.  

Enter luxe loungewear. This trend nods at your love of softened-by-time tees with pieces designed for softness and comfort from day one, without the snarky slogans (or stains). 

The current loungewear trend is amazing because of the seamless way it combines style and ease. These pieces aren’t just meant to be slept in, with accidental sightings during waking hours. 

Elegant robes, coordinating pants and henleys, joggers and hoodies, women’s tank tops and lounge dresses come in a variety of stylish, timeless tasteful hues and prints and refined fabrics meant to be admired. They dignify lounging and elevate it to an art form.

If you’re not already convinced you’ll look and feel 85% classier in the morning with a great loungewear look, here are five reasons to invest in sharp loungewear style ASAP: 

1. Loungewear is the comfiest way to be classy. 

A silky collared sleep set with stylish piping detail, this outfit looks as right for sipping a late glass of wine in front of the fireplace as it does for hitting snooze on a late Sunday morning. The whole point of this style trend is the combination of out-of-the-house style points with the high requirement for comfort you place on whatever you’ve been wearing when people aren’t looking. 

2. Loungewear is also the laziest way to be classy.

Look polished in a quick minute, great when a neighbor drops by unannounced or the plumber shows up early. No accessories — or even shoes — required. (Though coordinating slippers are never a bad idea.)  

3. Loungewear can be a part of self-care. 

Donning great style even when we don’t have to (to abide by a dress code or avoid stares and social judgment) is one way to treat ourselves well during private moments. Our choice of clothing can remind us to treat the present, and ourselves, with more care and thoughtfulness. 

4. Loungewear makes hanging out at home a special occasion.

Want to feel like the king or queen of your abode? No matter if there are dishes in the sink or laundry piled high, nothing helps you feel above it all like donning a loungewear style that says, “I’m in charge, and I’m seriously relaxed about it.” Old t-shirts are for painting projects and cleaning the oven. A luxuriously soft henley dress is for chilling and taking a time-out. 

5. Great loungewear can help us celebrate great company.

Coffee with our partner in the morning can be a beautiful thing. A handsome robe, gown, or sleep set just makes it a little more beautiful. Making an effort to elevate the everyday is a small way to show family and partners we care, and that their presence makes even hectic everyday routines worth a little celebration. 

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