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5 Times You’ll Be Thankful You Brought Your Hammock Pouch™ Undies

Underwear covers your most sensitive bits, so why is it so hard to find a comfortable pair? It doesn’t have to be this way! Tommy John is dedicated to making the most comfortable underwear on the planet - and the Hammock Pouch™ is another step forward in our mission. Even so, if you’ve never tried Hammock Pouch™ undies, you might be a little reluctant to take the plunge!

First, some basics: This style of underwear comes with a separate pouch in the crotch to lift your goods off your legs (like the name suggests) and keep everything cozy in place. The Hammock Pouch™ is the upgrade your underwear drawer is waiting for, and it can make all the difference on a hot day. Bouncing, sticking, and chafing can all become a thing of the past when you’re rocking the Hammock Pouch™.   

So when should you wear your Hammock Pouch™ underwear? Any day is a good day to enjoy the benefits of the comfort and support they provide, but there are several occasions where you’ll be especially thankful you grabbed your Hammock Pouch™ undies from your top drawer. 

1. At the gym

Hammock Pouch™ undies are the gym rat’s best friend. With normal shorts, all the bouncing from plyometrics, running, or stairs can leave you sore. But the Hammock Pouch™ will keep things gently nestled into place and reduce impact. The pouch will also give your legs plenty of room to lunge, stretch, and squat your way through your session. 

When you’re planning to go all-out with your workout routine, choose the 360 sport boxer briefs. This sports underwear provide maximum coverage and unbeatable moisture wicking to keep your thighs dry and prevent any rubbing. The fabric and fit of this underwear is the ultimate protection from crotch rot, no matter how much things heat up. 

2. Backyard BBQs

As soon as the weather warms up, backyard parties and BBQs are a great way to spend the weekend. When you wear your Hammock Pouch™ undies, you can kick back and relax with your friends while your undercarriage stays dry and cool (no matter how hot the summer sun gets). To make your weekend hangs even simpler, all of our Hammock Pouch™ undies come equipped with a horizontal Quick Draw® fly for easy access when you need a bathroom break.

3. Formal events

When you’re dressed to impress, the right underwear can make all the difference - especially when it’s time to shake a leg on the dance floor at a wedding. When everything stays tucked in place, you can slide, dip, and twirl without getting tangled up in your leg band. These form-fitting undies will also stay close to your body so no one will see your underwear while you’re catching up with old friends or getting to know someone new. 

Our Cool Cotton collection is cozy enough for everyday wear or formal occasions, and it can help you stay cool and dry in your slacks. It will also help protect your Sunday best from getting sweaty, and keep stiff, scratchy fabric off your most sensitive bits. 

4. At the office 

There’s no better way to look unprofessional than adjusting your underwear at work. 

Tommy John’s underwear is totally hands-free. That means you can shift in your seat during never-ending meetings without tangling your skivvies or dealing with wedgies. Our stay-put waistband won’t roll no matter how much you bend, stretch, or yawn. The Second Skin fabric is silky soft, and airy, and they can help you stay comfortable throughout the day and even after hours when you have to pull some overtime.

5. Date night

If you dress to impress, you need to make sure all your layers are flattering. Not only will the Hammock Pouch™ keep you comfortable wherever your night takes you, it will also ensure you look your best if someone happens to see them. Whether you’re working on making the ultimate first impression or adding some spark to an old flame, hammock pouch undies can enhance your natural appeal while you strut your stuff for that special someone. 

So which underwear style will help you look the best? It really depends on your unique needs. Trunks are a great way to show off the definition in your thighs, while boxer briefs can help streamline your appearance. Both of them will give you an excellent lift on the backside, and the Hammock Pouch™ provides a major confidence boost front and center.

The Tommy John guarantee

Still not sure you’re ready to give Hammock Pouch™ undies a try? We’re so confident you’ll love our men's underwear that it’s backed with our guarantee. If you don’t love your first pair, you can send them in for a free exchange, or we’ll foot the bill.