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5 ways joggers beat jeans or sweatpants any day of the week

Whether it’s casual Friday or your WFH life has made each day indistinguishable from the rest, nothing beats a cozy pair of pants. Yet many people settle for jeans or sweatpants on days like these, and the only logical explanation is they don’t realize there is a better way. 

Denim was originally designed to be a rugged and durable fabric for working people. It was attractive because it didn’t have to be washed all the time and it wouldn’t rip if you had to bend and move a lot during the day. For some reason, these pants meant for hard labor have become casual, daily wear for a large portion of the population, despite the fact that they aren’t much more comfortable than slacks. Perhaps that’s because most comfy clothes, like sweatpants, are considered sloppy when you wear them out of the house.   

But why not wear joggers instead of jeans? Unless you’re planning on horseback riding, you can ditch the jeans and relax into a pair of comfy joggers without sacrificing a bit of style. Don’t believe us? Just look at the facts:

1. You can wear joggers virtually anywhere 

Joggers have a tailored cut to offer an elevated alternative to sweatpants that won’t draw eyes as you go about your daily business. With the right styling, they are suitable for any occasion where jeans would be welcome (and again, they’re about 12,000% more comfortable). Some designs, such as the Tommy John Go Anywhere Tech Jogger, are virtually indistinguishable from slacks without sacrificing said comfort. 

You can style up your jeans for a business casual affair, but it’s not always the ideal look. Wearing sweatpants outside of the gym or while hanging with friends is a social grey area that most people would rather not inhabit. In many situations, the shapeless cut looks just a bit too sloppy.

2. They have functional pockets 

Unless you’re rocking baggy jeans like it’s still the 90’s, most denim pants keep your keys and other personal items pressed tight against your legs. Sweatpants with pockets are no better (and once again, you should think twice before leaving the house in them). The relaxed tailored cut of joggers prevents uncomfortable crowding if you need a safe space to keep your wallet or keys throughout the day, and offer a perfect place to put your hands.

3. They let your skin breathe

Denim and sweatpants are both made with dense material that minimizes the air circulation on your legs. While that can be great for cold days, if you’re stuck inside all day with the heater blasting it can be unpleasant. Tommy John joggers are crafted from premium fabric that gently stretches when you move and breathes like a dream. That means you’ll never get overheated or feel like your skin is suffocating. 

4. They never get in the way

Even the stretchiest denim can still hinder your movement. Joggers, on the other hand, have more than enough give to do yoga in. And while sweatpants don’t necessarily prevent you from bending and moving, the excess material can be just as much of a nuisance as restrictive denim. Joggers offer you a modest option over yoga pants that leave a little more to the imagination while letting you move however much you need to. And that extra give can be just as crucial for a lazy day as it is for an active one, especially if you plan on having a big brunch. 

5. They look great on anyone

Joggers offer modern designs that flatter any figure without being either too revealing or frumpy. The tailored ankles work well with any style of shoes, be it boots, sneakers, loafers, or even heels. They are equally versatile with other types of clothing so you can dress up or down for any occasion, including lounging around the house. The stretchy waistband will smooth out your midsection and offer a comfortable fit even as your body changes from one day (or one meal) to the next.

The bottom line

Joggers may not be the only bottoms you need to get through your week, but they’re an incredibly versatile piece of clothing that you’ll soon wonder how you lived without. Tommy John offers lounge joggers that can keep you comfortable all day long, no matter what you have on the docket. Our lounge joggers for men and women offer a soft, luxurious experience suitable for bedtime, but slipping into them doesn’t mean you have to change if you want to leave the house again. 

Our dedication to form, fit, and function means you're guaranteed to love your new trousers. And if you don’t, you won’t have to pay for them thanks to our best pair guarantee