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Avoiding common underwear fails (from plumber's crack to chafing)

Little boys may grapple with underwear issues as they learn the ins and outs of getting dressed, but in the end, they get away with it because they're still kids. A grown young man, however, sees a problem and fixes it promptly… right?

Unfortunately, many dudes - no matter how successful we may be otherwise - still deal with the pain of basic underwear issues. So if you’re still struggling with your drawers, it’s time to step up and find the information to help fix the problem. We’re here to walk you through these daily issues and provide helpful suggestions so you can know how to choose the right underwear.


Plumber’s crack

The plumber’s crack is a common, embarrassing, yet totally preventable issue. To start with, you need to find pants with the right fit, and use a belt. If you have trouble finding a belt that fits correctly, you can try adding an extra hole or go for a different kind of solution, like traditional suspenders to keep your pants at the proper elevation.

Some people opt for higher rise underwear, and while having your underwear stick out over the top of your pants is certainly better than advertising a plumber’s crack, it’s not ideal, especially if you opt for inferior underwear that doesn't stay in place as you move throughout the day. Undershirts designed to stay tucked can also make a big difference. Even better, the best undershirts offer protection against sweat stains and help your favorite clothing last longer.


Wedgies and non-stop adjustments

There are many reasons why wedgies occur, and we know how to prevent wedgies from ever happening again. If your underwear is floating around and you’re always looking for a private place to get things in order, you're either wearing the wrong size or the wrong brand of underwear. At Tommy John, we are committed to providing truly adjustment-free underwear, so take a minute to figure out your size and invest in some hands-free, low maintenance undies. No rolling, no tugging, no sliding.

Visible underwear lines

Your underwear should be discrete, or even your most fashion forward outfits could come off looking sloppy. If people can see fabric bunching up or seam lines under your jeans, you need to change up your underwear, period.

If you prefer wearing clothes like tight pants or thin dress materials, boxers will be too bulky to hide. Briefs can also be an issue because the seam is located high up on the leg, where pants are snug against your skin. Trunks and boxer briefs have longer legs and a more contoured fit, so they are less likely to show up while you walk around. If you’re set on briefs, you can go with a thinner fabric, like our Air collection, for an ultra lightweight, barely-there feel.



If you’ve got angry skin taking the skip out of your step, you need to resolve the issue ASAP. People who wear boxers or briefs are more likely to deal with this issue because of the lack of protection around the thighs. Trunks and boxer briefs offer form-fitting coverage that can protect your skin from rubbing against the rough material of your clothing and minimize skin-to-skin friction. For the ultimate protection against chafing, consider giving the men's hammock pouch a spin. Hammock pouch undies will lift and separate your stuff and provide unbeatable support, which is especially useful if you like to stay active.

Sweaty underwear

Whether you live in a hot climate or you just sweat more than the average person, you need to find underwear equipped to handle the moisture load. It’s a good idea to travel with a spare pair of undies because even moisture-wicking underwear can only do so much - and keeping damp cloth on your sensitive bits can lead to itching, chafing, and other skin problems. The 360 Sport collection is built to keep you dry even when you’re pushing hard at the gym.

Bad odor

Are your undies stinky right out of the washing machine? It’s time to toss them and get some new skivvies. While the washing machine is pretty good about killing bacteria and removing odors from items, over time they can become trapped in the fabric and will smell even after washing.

If the issue only happens after you wear them, switching to an antimicrobial fabric that can control odor-causing bacteria will keep the smell at bay. Our Air and 360 Sport collections are both equipped with odor-fighting technology to keep you fresh all day long.


The bottom line

Investing in the right premium men's underwear may take a little leg work, but the advantage is the comfort that lasts through the day - and an end to the many little nuisances you get from cheap packs of big box store undies. At Tommy John, we’ve taken the hassle out of finding quality underwear so you can focus on the fabric and cut that feels right to you. And if it isn’t love at first wear, that’s okay. Every pair we sell is backed with our risk free guarantee.