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6 questions to ask yourself before buying new underwear

Where do you buy your underwear? When was the last time you shopped for underwear? Do you even know where you got the pair you're wearing right now? If the answer is a little hazy, the chances are very real that you’re on underwear autopilot. 

But here’s the thing. If you don’t put any thought into the underwear you buy, you’re short-changing yourself on the foundational piece for every outfit. And you might run into some underwear-related mishaps that can dampen even the best of days So before you start picking out undies at random, ask yourself a few questions first to make sure you get what you need on the first try.

1. Am I really wearing the right size?

The answer isn’t always as simple as looking at the tag of your current underwear. Different companies use significantly different sizing. If you’re trying out a new brand for the first time, check the size chart and measure yourself. Underwear should fit snugly without causing any bulging or leaving any crease marks in your skin. Too tight, and it can cause irritation and cut off your circulation. Too loose, and it will be sliding all over the place. 

2. What style should I go for?

Finding your favorite style of undies for daily wear may require some experimentation. The different cuts offer varying levels of coverage, and each style is flattering for certain body types. While it’s okay to find a style you love and stick with it, some outfits require a little forethought for your underwear. You should actively try to avoid underwear lines and visible leg bands for waistbands - especially for your professional attire. 

Consider how much coverage you need on your legs to protect from chafing, especially on hot days. And if you like to wear shorts in the summer, you don’t want your underwear peeking out the bottom! So whatever style you choose, it should be at least an inch or two shorter than your outerwear. 

3. What kind of fabric should I choose?

This question hinges on your lifestyle. What do you need from your underwear each day? Something light and breathable? Something that can keep you cool and dry? Or something in between? Tommy John uses advanced fabrics that offer unbeatable comfort without any adjustments necessary. 

Cool Cotton offers the softness of cotton with superior moisture wicking and enhanced breathability. If you’re not sure where to begin, it’s hard to go wrong when you choose this as your daily underwear. 

Second Skin is perfect for days when you need to maximize your comfort and settle into something you’ll want to live in. The silky soft material is great for long days at the office, a casual night out, or a lazy day indoors. They aren’t ideal for active days when you need to work up a sweat. 

Our Air collection is light and breathable, and the seamless design is guaranteed to be discreet under virtually any outfit, no matter what style you choose. These undies are designed to go from soaking wet to dry in 4 hours, making them ideal traveling companions if you need to pack light and do laundry in the hotel sink. 

4. Do I need to replace my old underwear?

No matter how well made a pair of underwear is, all undies have a shelf life. If a pair of underwear has lost a little bit of give and doesn’t fit as snugly as it used to, you don’t necessarily have to toss it just yet. On the other hand, if it’s not providing the support you expect or staying in place anymore, it’s time to let go. If your underwear has holes or is smelly after the wash, ditch it. Tattered undies need to retire in peace.

5. How many pairs do I really need?

Not everyone has the dresser space to maintain a diverse wardrobe of underwear, so if you’re running out of room it’s a good idea to conduct an underwear census before you start shopping.  Of course, you never want to run out of clean skivvies, so it’s always better to err in favor of too many pairs, rather than not enough. 

If you’re active or you just sweat a lot, it’s a good idea to have two pairs of underwear per day between one laundry day and the next. If you have to travel a lot for work, you should keep a separate set of undies on hand to meet your travel needs so you don’t have to worry about doing last minute laundry before or after a trip. 

6. Am I getting enough mileage from my undies?

If you’re replacing your underwear because it’s worn out it's welcome, consider how long it lasted before you had to trash it. If it’s only been a few months and you’re already developing holes in the crotch or a tattered waistband, you either ignored the care instructions or your underwear isn’t worth the money you spent on it. Don’t make the same mistake twice—find underwear that’s built to last.  

If your underwear is uncomfortable, or you’re just not happy with the way you look or feel, you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. Tommy John is committed to providing the high quality men’s and women’s underwear you’ll look forward to wearing, and we’re here to make shopping for underwear less of a chore and more of a treat. Once you try on your first pair, you can turn the auto-pilot off and stick to buying undies you actually love to wear. We’re so sure of it, in fact, we’re willing to bet on it with our best pair guarantee.