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Comfy vs stylish: Can women’s underwear be both?

Would you rather look good or feel good? 

Wait, don’t answer! It’s a trick question. And yet so many of us face this choice every day in the underwear department. That’s why Tommy John was invented. 

In fact, we believe you can only look good when you feel good. Our sleek, modern designs come in a variety of sophisticated colors and prints that make a bold fashion statement without looking like you stopped in to browse the kid’s section. Here are some other ways we’re bringing style and comfort together in premium, high-quality underwear:

Cuts to flatter any physique

When it comes to looking and feeling good in your underwear, finding the right cut is half the battle. So which one will look best on you? Only you can say for certain, but here’s some expert guidance to help you get a clearer picture:


You may be under the impression that briefs aren’t a good choice for anyone, but you’re wrong - not all briefs look like granny panties or tighty-whities from 1958. Our take on classic briefs offers a contemporary feel. They offer full coverage and support for your backside, and they make a great choice for anyone with a fuller, rounder rump. Women with shorter legs may prefer the high rise briefs because the high waist band and short inseam can help lengthen the appearance of their legs. 


Boyshorts are a great choice for people with subtle curves around the waist. The full coverage is still fully flirty when you flaunt them, and the extra material can enhance your natural definitions. Of course, very few people look bad in boyshorts - women shopped for boxer briefs in the men's section for years before boyshorts were on the market. 

Cheeky and Thongs

Our Cheeky cut shows just a little peek of your backside for a flirty alternative to briefs that still provide plenty of support. While Cheeky undies look great on anyone who doesn’t mind showing a little extra skin, they are particularly nice if you have small hips and a petite derriere and you have trouble finding underwear that fit them snugly enough in all the right places. You can also take it a step further with the most comfortable thong you’ll ever wear - though thongs look just as good on shaplier people who want to let their natural assets speak for themselves. 

Keep the comfort, ditch the panty lines

Visible Panty Lines - aka VPL - are a fashion faux paux. But what are the options if you don’t want to wear a thong? Our Air Mesh and Air Invisibles collections offer a light, seamless design that lets you choose the style of underwear that you look and feel the best in - whether you prefer total coverage with boy shorts or the barely-there feel of the most comfortable thong you’ll ever wear. When you’re sure that no one will see your underwear, you can rock your favorite styles with confidence and not have to give up an ounce of comfort. 

If you want to smooth things out under a tight outfit without feeling restricted, we’ve got you covered. Our Comfort Smoothing underwear helps streamline your curves but never wears like shapewear. The laser-cut seams ensure no underwear lines and no uncomfortable bulging or skin creases. 

A graceful touch of lace (if you want it)

There’s no denying that lace underwear looks good (if you’re into frilly things) but it doesn’t always feel good. Worse, many lace undies trap heat and moisture, which can lead to a yeast infection. Tommy John offers the option for a soft, cozy lace waistband to add a feminine flair, and it’s designed to lie smooth and flat, and stay put no matter how much you move throughout the day. 

Lace or not, all our women’s underwear comes equipped with a Cool Cotton gusset to maximize comfort and absorb excess moisture. Our Cool Cotton enhances the natural breathable and moisture wicking properties of cotton, so you can stay cool and dry throughout the day.

The right fit makes all the difference

No matter how amazing you may look in lingerie, the look only lasts as long as the underwear stays in place. There’s nothing particularly sexy about wedgies, rolling waistbands, or other mishaps common with undies that are only designed with appearances in mind. 

Tommy John’s commitment to form, fit, and functionality guarantees your underwear will be truly adjustment free so you can slip it on and feel confident about the way you look without sacrificing comfort for a second. The sleek designs are all about enhancing the way you look and feel without all the bells and whistles, and we’re so confident you’ll love them we proudly back them with our Best Pair Guarantee: if they’re not your new favorite undies, the first pair is on us.