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The top 6 reasons boxer briefs still dominate the top drawer

Ever since boxer briefs disrupted the great boxers vs. briefs debate, countless other contenders have entered the ring. Still, boxer briefs continue to dominate the market. If you could see into the average dude’s dresser, chances are you’d find boxer briefs taking up most of the space. So what magic do boxer briefs have that help them reign supreme? Here are the six biggest advantages:

1. Unbeatable coverage and support

Boxer briefs offer a tight fit to support the jewels and a generous leg length. That protects you from your clothes, and protects your clothes from any sweat and grime they might otherwise gather during the typical day. And on your not-so-typical days, the form-fitting undies can last through a backwoods hike without too much bounce, or help you sit through dozens of rounds of speed chess without riding up as you shift in your seat. 

2. They look good on everyone 

No matter what your figure, boxer briefs are a flattering undergarment to be seen in. Sure, everyone should wear what they feel the most comfortable in, but the form-fitting cut of boxer briefs accentuates your thighs and lifts your backside for a streamlined effect, providing a smooth, well-tailored look that works for every body shape. 

Not to mention, old school boxers and briefs carry around a lot of cultural baggage, which means no matter how good they look on you, there’s always the chance you’ll remind that special someone of their little brother or their father. Boxer briefs are a fashion-forward alternative that will be a welcome sight on a romantic evening. 

3. They minimize underwear mishaps

The coverage and support of boxer briefs can minimize other issues as well. Briefs have a much shorter leg, which can lead to uncomfortable rubbing in thighs, either from your pants or your legs touching. Low-quality briefs are far more likely to ride up and get tangled or stuck where they don’t belong. The excess fabric on many pairs of boxers only makes things worse, leading to frequent adjustments in your nether regions. 

Not to mention, in boxer briefs you’re far less likely to have an unexpected peek-a-boo incident. There’s a time and place for everything, and your boxer briefs will ensure things stay that way.  

4. They work under most types of outerwear

Boxer briefs are a versatile choice for your daily wear, no matter how you plan to dress. If you prefer skinny jeans or tight dress pants, briefs or trunks can cause visible underwear lines - a major fashion faux pas. And boxers are far too bulky to hide unless you’re wearing a very relaxed fit. Boxer briefs are the perfect happy medium - low enough on the thigh to stay discrete, with enough extra fabric to protect you from rough denim or starched pants. 

Like to wear shorter shorts? The mid-length boxer briefs are here for you. These skivvies stay discrete under your favorite summertime casual wear while still providing ample support and coverage to protect you from chafing and sweat.

5. They’re never restrictive

Boxer briefs move and shift with you, whether you’re stretching, sitting, squatting, leaping, or lifting. The right fit will keep up with you when you need to pick up the pace and move so you don’t have to slow down for an adjustment break. Tommy John has designed hands-free boxer briefs guaranteed to stay in place so you can stop worrying about wedgies and focus on your form. As an added bonus, the hassle-free quick-draw horizontal fly simplifies a visit to the loo so you can get back to your day all the sooner. 

6. They’re really, really comfortable

Let’s face it: Few things beat a clean, cozy pair of undies. With boxer briefs, you get the perfect combination of sexiness and comfort that lets you strut your stuff in and out of your pants. And of course, they’re versatile enough to get you through whatever kind of day you have planned, with plenty of room for the unexpected. Tommy John’s Boxer Briefs are just as comfortable for a long day at the office as they are during an intense workout or a chilled-out evening on the couch.

Still not sold? No worries. It’s okay to be on the outside of fashion trends, and Tommy John puts the same love and care into crafting every style of men’s underwear we make - from briefs and trunks to boxers and beyond. Find the right style for you and pick up some undies you can look forward to slipping into each day. We’re so confident you’ll love them that we’ve backed them with our Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear or It’s Free guarantee. That means if you don’t love them, they won’t cost you a cent.