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Sweat check: Are your undies up to keeping you dry?

Sweating is a totally normal bodily function that also happens to be totally embarrassing to live with. From the damp spots on your clothing to the unpleasant odor that’s never far behind, those of us who sweat heavily may feel like we can never stray too far from a shower.

Crotch sweat is the worst offender. Left unchecked, it can cause painful chafing or even infections on your most sensitive bits. So let’s get to the real talk: are your undies qualified to handle what you throw at them? Find out where your skivvies stand by checking these crucial factors:


Saunas are nice, but you wouldn’t want to live in one. If your underwear doesn’t let your skin breathe, it becomes its own kind of microclimate that gets hot and stays hot until it’s time to undress. The qualities used to  make breathable fabric come down to the style of knit or weave used to craft it, and the material the fabric is made from.

Tommy John is committed to crafting undergarments that never suffocate your nether regions. Our Cool Cotton material enhances the natural breathability of Pima cotton by adding a little extra stretch and silky smoothness. We use nanotechnology in both the initial and finishing fabric knitting stages to create a soft, breathable pair of underwear that keeps you 2-3X cooler and dries 4-5X faster than standard cotton underwear. For an even lighter and softer fabric that maximizes breathability, our Air Mesh collection wears like you're wearing nothing at all.

Moisture Wicking

Unless you want your underwear to feel like a swamp, it should be crafted from moisture-wicking material. This sweat wicking underwear fabric pulls sweat away from your skin to the other side of the garment, where it can evaporate. Traditional cotton does have some moisture-wicking ability, but it is also capable of absorbing quite a bit of water, which can lead to soggy boxers if you’re sweating throughout the day.

Of course, not all undergarments labeled as moisture wicking are created equal. Our Cool Cotton collection takes cotton’s moisture wicking properties to the next level so you can stay dry and clean 24/7. Or, if you’re dealing with truly abundant sweat stains, consider slipping into our 360 Sport collection.

Antimicrobial & odor resistant fabrics

When your crotch stays hot and damp, you’re practically inviting bacteria and fungus to a housewarming party. Antimicrobial fabrics can help ward off microbes by either killing them or slowing down their ability to reproduce. This can help you keep your nether regions clean and tidy, as well as helping your underwear last longer.

Odor-resistant fabrics prevent bacteria from reacting with your sweat. This reduces smells and ensures germs are washed out of your undergarments during the laundry cycle. If your panties aren’t able to fend off odors or microbes, then you either need to shower more often or upgrade to something that can handle your sweat marks!

Tommy John’s Air Mesh and 360 Sport collections are both equipped with antimicrobial and odor-resistant features to keep you fresh until it’s bath time again. The 360 Sport fabric is designed to stretch in every direction, making it ideal for your most active days. And our Air Mesh undies are lighter than air for maximum breathability - perfect for days when you’re cooped up in a plane or a cubicle.

Coverage & Support

If you’re quick to work up a sweat, the style of underwear you choose can greatly impact your comfort levels. While it may seem counterintuitive, going for more coverage with a cut like boxer briefs can help protect your skin and your clothes once the sweat starts flowing, and the right fabric can actually help keep you cooler in the long run. Because water absorbs heat, moisture wicking fabrics are actively working to pull away excessive warmth from your body, and as the water evaporates it’s like a miniature air conditioner in your pants.

Of course, fabric can only go so far to keep you dry, and you may need to take extra measures. Enter the hammock pouch - a cozy, safe hideaway that can lift and separate your package off of your legs. The extra space can keep things from overheating, prevent chafing and “batwing,” and reduce turbulence on your sensitive bits if you’re running or bouncing up stairs.

Stay ahead of sweat with Tommy John

Sweat is crucial for maintaining the right body temperature - but that doesn't mean we want to sit in it all day. Tommy John has crafted a variety of anti sweat underwear to meet you where you need to be for the day, whether you’re hitting the gym, stuck inside, or anything in between. We’re confident you’ll love our undies, but if you don’t think they’re up to snuff, you won’t have to pay for the first pair thanks to our risk-free guarantee.