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7 signs you need to upgrade your loungewear

There’s nothing quite like slipping into something comfortable after a long day. For many of us, that means a ratty old t-shirt and beat-up sweatpants. But just because you’ve owned it for years (and years) doesn’t mean it’s the best you can do! In fact, it might be even more relaxing to wear something clean, new, and well-fitted. 

So how do you know that battle-tested loungewear is past its prime? Here are the undeniable signs that it’s time to toss old comfort items and invest in your comfort:

1. It won’t stay on anymore

It’s hard to stay comfortable when your comfy clothes keep falling off. If the elastic is busted or your drawstring is out of order, you need to replace your bottoms with something that will stay on your waist instead of falling down to your ankles. Your lounge bottoms should have a slightly loose fit around your legs and thighs, and a good set of joggers will hug your ankles so you can walk around without stepping on your hems. If they’re wearing out or if they don’t fit right, it’s time to shop for something new to unwind in.

2. It’s itchy or uncomfortable

It doesn’t matter how nostalgic they are. If those old jammies are itchy, rough, or give you a rash while you’re trying to relax, show them the door. Loungewear is the comfort food of clothing, and if you don’t love it, you don’t need it crowding up your wardrobe. Tommy John’s Second Skin collection is a silky soft, tri-fabric blend that will move with you and stay in place - whether you’re lazing around the house, or going out to face the world during your off hours. 

3. It’s covered in stains

There’s nothing wrong with cozying up with a fresh pizza on the couch. But if you’re like most of us, wearing ragged or stained clothes to relax in doesn’t actually help you relax. After all, looking good can help you feel good. And looking a little gross can have the opposite effect. So if those old sweats are looking like a Jackson Pollock canvas, upcycle them into the rag they’ve already become. Find yourself a new set of loungewear that you can feel at home in wherever you roam.

4. You can’t be seen in public wearing it

If you’re wearing your comfy clothes and you have to “get dressed” to grab a bite to eat or run a quick errand, it’s time to retire those duds. Think about it: Loungewear isn’t just for feeling comfy - it’s for low-effort days where you don’t need multiple wardrobe changes. Clothing that can only be worn around the house can end up being more trouble than it’s worth!

With the Tommy John lounge hoodie, you can even hide your bedhead if you want to duck out for coffee after a long night. Better yet, with some thoughtful styling, your loungewear can keep you comfortable for low key hangouts around town - and no one has to know that you’re basically rocking premium pajamas. 

5. It doesn’t have pockets

It’s much harder to relax when your hands are full, and far too many designers have neglected pockets on their relaxation-wear. The best loungewear will let you roam around hands-free, so you can stash your wallet or keys without a second thought (and without lugging a handbag). Tommy John is committed to providing functional clothing that looks great and feels amazing to wear. And our pockets are big enough to hold your cell phone and other gear without sacrificing any comfort or freedom when you move. 

6. You’re working from home

Remote work is the perfect opportunity to invest in a new work wardrobe that you can sink into. Sure, you may have to smooth down your hair for a video call, but that doesn’t mean you have to put on real pants! Our selection of men’s and women’s lounge bottoms will make sitting through Zoom meetings much more bearable. (Can you write off new loungewear as a necessary business expense? Hey, maybe it’s worth asking.)

7. You don’t own any

If you’ve made it this far without something cozy to slip into after a long day at work (or beforehand, for you remote workers), you’re missing out. To put it simply, loungewear belongs in every wardrobe. It’s essential to help you stay comfy and functional while you de-stress. Our men's loungewear and women's loungewear offer a variety of styles and premium fabrics to help you make the best of your evenings and weekends, no matter the season. 

Of course, loungewear isn’t designed to replace underwear. If you’re not already thrilled with your collection of skivvies, we can help you there, too. Come see what we have to offer.