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7 undeniable benefits of sinking into a lounge hoodie

The hoodie is evolving. 

While hooded clothing has been around for thousands of years, the modern-day hoodie made its debut in the 1930s. Hip hop culture helped transform it from utilitarian to fashionable, while the tech industry’s laissez-faire dress code turned it into respectable office-wear. So what’s the next great leap for the comfiest and most versatile piece of apparel?

That would be the lounge hoodie. With a zipper-free design and subtle fitting that keeps you stylish (and never sloppy-looking), the Tommy John lounge hoodie is about to shake up your wardrobe. Here are 7 reasons to pick one up today.

1. It’s evergreen fashion

If the last few decades have proven one thing, it’s that hoodies are here to stay. Whatever your personal sense of style, you can feel confident wearing a hoodie out and about - this year, next year, and for decades to come. And while bold colors can help you stand out, you can also go with a simpler color pallet to blend in wherever you find yourself. The pullover style of Tommy John’s lounge hoodie offers you a smarter look to make mixing and matching all the easier when you’re trying to keep your day casual and stress-free. 

2. It simplifies layering

Hoodies are perfect for layering up on days when the weather won’t make up its mind. Whether it’s an overcast spring morning or a brilliant autumn afternoon, the lounge hoodie will meet your needs and help you change up in a flash. It’s also a great foundation for your winter wardrobe when you’re transitioning between hot and cold environments at work or school. 

3. They make naptime magical

The soft, cozy hood is a wonderful place to rest your head when you’re ready for a catnap on the couch, in the car, on the beach, or wherever you happen to be. Even if you’re an ‘anywhere, anytime’ power-napper, the extra touch of privacy you get from your hood is a game-changer. Just pull it on, snuggle in, and start catching those precious Zs.

4. It’s like a security blanket for adults

When kids feel stressed or overwhelmed, they always have their blankie to turn to. Adults, on the other hand, tend to rely on unhealthy habits to cope with difficult days. But instead of reaching for that second glass of merlot, consider the lounge hoodie. It’s a great way to soothe yourself (imagine a nonstop hug) that gives you something soft to run your hands against while your mind drifts off toward more pleasant things. Sink into it while you’re binge watching something on Netflix, or take it out into the world with you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You can always hide your headphones underneath the hood so you choose your own soundtrack while you go about your business.

5. They can hide your bed-head

People have used hoods for hundreds of years to remain discreet while in public. (They were used by lovers in the Renaissance to avoid scandal during nighttime rendezvous, for example.) And while the public attitude has shifted significantly since then, hoodies are still useful for hiding gnarly bedhead when you just need to get caffeinated before you start the day. Plus, a cozy hoodie can make it easier to handle being out in public if you’re feeling a bit grouchy. Throw on a mask and some sunglasses and it’s like disappearing in plain sight!

6. You can enjoy them year-round

Tommy John’s Lounge Hoodie is made from our Second Skin fabric, an innovative tri-stretch material that’s incredibly soft and breathable. That means you can comfortably sport your hoodie year-round, no matter the weather. Equally cozy on a cool summer morning or as a comfy bottom layer for your full-on winter gear. Of course, fall and spring are when your hoodie can truly shine, so you can regulate your temperature through the fickle weather changes without a moment’s lapse in style.  

7. You can wear them virtually anywhere

Unless you’re headed out to a black-tie event, showing up in a hoodie is almost certainly a safe fashion choice. (And hey, if you can make it work at a fancy gala, we salute you.) Whether you’re embracing athleisure wear, donning a leather jacket, or featuring it in an unassuming layered look, you can hit up parties, neighborhood bars, or show up to work looking the part. Paired with an unstructured suit, you can feel cozy while meeting the less formal dress code at a wide range of events. 

Tommy John is committed to crafting the most comfortable, stylish clothes on planet Earth. In fact, we’re so certain you’ll fall in love with your first lounge hoodie that we offer a no-questions-asked return policy. If it’s not the best you’ve ever worn, you can return it for a full refund or trade it in for something you like more.