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Air Underwear Fabric: Why It's a Must for Summer

You have to adapt to stay cool during the warm weather months of summer. For example, as soon as the mercury in the thermometer starts inching upward, there’s a pretty good chance that you start assembling your shorts, sandals, tank-tops, and other summer clothes. Why?

Because the change in temperature calls for a change in your wardrobe. It just doesn’t make sense to stomp through summer in your winter boots, wool trousers, and cable-knit sweaters.

But if you aren’t also swapping out your flannel boxer shorts and cotton underwear for an underwear style that’s a bit more seasonal, you’re missing out on a simple way to keep cool during the summer.

So, what is the best underwear for hot weather? Here are four reasons why Tommy John’s Air perforated fabric is at the very top of the list. 

#1 They’re Lightweight & Breathable

Tommy John’s Air Mesh fabric is about as lightweight and breathable as a pair of underwear can get. Weighing in at only two ounces, it wears like a second skin. In fact, our Air underwear styles are so lightweight that you’ll probably forget you have them on.

How do we do it?

Our secret is all in the fabric. Our Air Mesh underwear is the best mens underwear for hot weather because it’s made from a blend of two very special materials:

Nylon mesh – Mesh fabrics are characterized by their loosely woven texture that leaves thousands of tiny but visible holes in the material.1 In that sense, it’s not too different from a net or a hammock. The materials used to make those items are also a type of mesh. Common in sportswear, shapewear, and lingerie, this moisture wicking fabric promotes air circulation and breathability and reduces sweating. 

Spandex – Our Air underwear is made from 23% spandex, a stretchy fabric notable for its elasticity and durability.2 It gives our Air underwear just enough stretch to move with you, not against you.
A blend of Nylon mesh and Spandex stretchy fabric, plus a comfy elastic waistband, creates perfectly-fitting breathable underwear for any weather.  

#2 They’re Antimicrobial

No matter how attentive you are to your personal hygiene, you’re going to pick up—and probably produce—more than a few germs throughout the day. This is especially true in the summer when the heat and humidity can lead to extra sweat.


Stop germs, stay clean, and prevent chafing with protective and breathable antimicrobial fabric.

That’s another reason our Air underwear is the best underwear for hot humid weather: it’s got antimicrobial properties that help kill and prevent microorganisms like bacteria, protozoans, mold, mildew, and even viruses.3 This may help prevent a range of health issues like:

  • Yeast infections
  • Skin irritation 
  • Chafing

What could be better than a pair of underwear that’s good for your comfort and your health? 

#3 They Dry Quickly 

The best type of underwear for hot weather is a pair you can wear every day, no matter where you go. That’s how we know our Air underwear reigns supreme among summer undergarments—because we’ve designed it for daily use.

A big part of that design is ensuring the fabric dries quickly so that you aren’t walking around with sweat-dampened drawers.

When we were designing our Air Mesh fabric, we knew the material we used needed to be quick-drying. That’s why our moisture wicking underwear fabric blend is 77% nylon mesh. Why nylon? Because nylon is known as a hydrophobic fabric, meaning the molecules that comprise it aren’t able to form bonds with H20, the molecules that water is composed of.4 That means compared to materials like organic cotton; nylon dries pretty quickly. (If you’re wondering is cotton underwear good for hot weather, you know that it can take up to three times longer to dry than nylon.)

Additionally, nylon has moisture-wicking properties that pull sweat off your skin so that it can be evaporated through the fabric so that you and your underwear dry quickly. 

#4 They’re Anti-Odor

What do you get when you combine a lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable fabric with properties that prevent sweating and kill bacteria?

You get a pair of underwear that keeps you smelling fresher and longer.

How does our Air underwear reduce unpleasant odors? Essentially, by helping to eliminate two factors that help foul smells thrive:

  • Sweat
  • Bacteria

    Sweating is a normal and healthy function of the human body. But when your sweat mixes with bacteria on your skin, it can lead to body odor.5 Our Air Mesh underwear fabric fights bacteria, keeps you cool so you sweat less, and dries quickly when sweat is unavoidable—all of which leads to fewer foul underwear odors. 

    Feel Lighter Than Air with Tommy John

    When it comes to choosing the best underwear for hot humid weather, choose Tommy John Air Mesh.

    How do you choose the right underwear? Whether you like boxer shorts, boxer brief, or traditional briefs, we have a range of everyday wear styles for you, and we’ll see to it that you get the right pair. We've got the best boxers for summer and the best fabric for breathable underwear. Our Air Mesh underwear is designed to help you beat the heat.  Feather-light, immensely breathable, and with special properties that fight sweat, bacteria, and foul odors, they’re the underwear that keeps you cool and comfortable all summer long.

    Shop Tommy John now to discover your new favorite breathable underwear for the hot summer days and beyond. 


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