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Tips to Stay Cool During the Summer Months

Everyone loves summer. From long beach days lounging about to picnics and barbecues, summer is the best time for the outdoors. Unfortunately, all that summer sun and hot air can do some damage, sometimes causing heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke.

You may have asked yourself: "How to stay cool during summer?"

Since you can't bring air conditioning to the beach and temperatures can fluctuate from mildly warm to extreme heat, the next best thing is to prepare accordingly: from dressing for the summer heat, hydrating regularly with cool water, and keeping in the shade.

When it comes to fashion, summer is the season of splashy swimwear, colors as vibrant as the tiki drink in your hand, and footwear made for long days at the beach. It’s also the season of high temperatures and humidity. Choosing easy-breezy clothes for your favorite summer activities is as essential as an extra fishing line on a July afternoon.

After all, when you look as cool as a tranquil, blue lagoon, the last thing you want is to feel like an actual, hot, sticky lagoon.

That’s why we’re here. By giving you tips on how to stay cool during the summer, we’ll show you how to wick away moisture and feel cool no matter where your summer fun takes you.

#1 Bust Out the Breathable Material

During the dog days of summer, breathable material is your other best friend. That’s because breathable clothing functions like a mesh screen rather than a slightly cracked window, allowing the body’s perspiration to escape to the outside.1

In addition to its powers of perspiration, breathable materials enable the following:

  • Increased airflow
  • Enhanced moisture-wicking
  • Better moisture absorption

This all translates to clothing that keeps you feeling refreshed when summer fun beckons and you simply can’t stay still.

When deciding on how to stay cool during summer, consider the following breathable materials:2

Cotton – Soft, durable, and cozy, cotton has long set the standard when it comes to breathable materials. That’s because cotton’s unique fibers allow for maximum breathability and awesome levels of airiness. That said, cotton absorbs sweat and moisture better than wicking it away, making this timeless thread less ideal if you’re prone to intense sweating.

Nylon – A synthetic fabric first popularized during World War II, nylon is touted for its toughness and ability to dry quickly. As a result, nylon has long been a staple of athletes. When nylon is blended with other materials, such as cotton and polyester, it provides excellent breathability and high moisture-wicking capabilities.

Polyester – A synthetic fabric similar to nylon, polyester is praised for being lightweight, durable, and breathable. This makes polyester the perfect choice for activities requiring high movement and energy levels.  

While these fabrics enhance breathability regardless of whether you’re slogging through a rainforest or slouching by the pool, they do tend to retain odor—especially nylon and polyester.

For the best in breathability and odor protection, consider clothing that repels moisture while keeping you smelling fresher than a meadow on a summer morning.

Men in particular can quickly get hot and swampy down there. So wearing the right underwear for the hot weather is crucial to staying cool. The best mens underwear for hot weather should be breathable and lightweight—an anti sweat underwear that wicks moisture away from the body. Fabrics made from nylon mesh, cotton, polyester, or a blend are the best fabric for breathable underwear. Tommy John's Air Underwear has a nylon mesh and spandex blend with perforations that allow cool air in and lightweight fabric for maximum comfort. No sticking, no swinging, and no chafing. 

#2 Opt for Light Colors

While you could rock that black blouse that radiates confidence and mystery like an August full moon, chances are you’ll feel less lunar and balmier on a hot day. That’s because black clothing, like all dark-colored fabrics, absorbs more wavelengths of light under direct sunlight than light-colored threads, leaving you feeling toasty—not terrific.

To stay popsicle-cool, opt for lighter colors that reflect more wavelengths than they absorb. That way, you can stun the crowd in your favorite linen shirt while keeping the sun’s rays from ruining your summer days.

The best colors for the hot summer months include:

  • White
  • Light gray
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Light pink

    You might also consider light blue, especially for your undergarments. Even though they cover places where the sun (likely) doesn’t shine, your undergarments can still trap body heat like a greenhouse.

    Light blue undergarments keep you feeling cool and confident, comforting you like a cloudless blue sky in all the right places.

    #3 Wear Lightweight Clothes

    If clothing to stay cool in hot weather involves breathable threads and eye-catching colors, it also involves duds that raise you up—not weigh you down.

    In short, heavier clothing adds more weight to your frame. This can force your body to expend more energy simply walking around (not to mention running to flag down the ice cream truck). Heavier clothing also tends to be bulky, enabling less breathability.

    As a result, wear lightweight clothes that evoke the aesthetics of summer: laid-back and airy, as if the season itself didn’t have a care in the world.

    The best lightweight threads include:

    Loose-fitting t-shirts and tank tops – While tight t-shirts can definitely show off your summer fitness, they also trap heat and moisture. On the other hand, loose-fitting clothing, especially t-shirts and tank tops, lets cooler air from the summer breeze circulate, cooling your body temperature. This enables breathability and maneuverability. 

    Athleisure shorts – Combining casual wear’s style and athletic clothing’s range of motion, athleisure shorts provide comfort, breathability, and versatility. This means you can head from the pool to the pub to the party without pausing for a wardrobe change.

    Sandals or lightweight shoes – When the temperature feels hotter than a frying pan, it’s best to leave those stylish leather Chelsea boots at home. Instead, opt for sandals or lightweight shoes that allow you to hit the pavement without feeling the sun on your toes.

    While summer is all about outdoor fun, remember that it's also the peak time for heat related illness. Remember to stay in the shade, have a water bottle or cold water in hand, bring a cooling towel to the beach, and dress for the extreme heat.  If you follow our tips, staying cool this summer is a breeze.

    Feel Cool Inside and Out with Tommy John

    Whether you’re planning on hitting the beach, hiking through the forest, or just relaxing on your porch with a glass of homemade lemonade, summer is a season of limitless opportunities. It can also be a season of sweat and stickiness—unless you’re wearing the right clothing.

    In other words, you need Tommy John.

    Our stretchy, breathable, anti-odor clothing lets you stay cool and dry even when the temperature is as hot as your vibe.

    Welcome to Tommy John, where cool meets comfort.


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