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Can we talk about camisoles? 5 reasons to get your hands on a good one

There’s something about a camisole that just looks and feels good. Is it the snug fit? The sexy feel? The stylish vibe? Maybe science will tell us one day. But until then, just take a glance at these top five reasons to start building your collection of good camisoles (and abandon all the cheaply made ones that let you down).

Tommy John’s camisoles quickly become household staples in professional and casual women’s wardrobes and serve as go-to choices for a range of outfits and occasions. Here are the top five reasons to start upgrading your camisole game today: 

1. High-quality camisoles are more than just undergarments

A top-tier camisole selection in your wardrobe increases your outfit options exponentially because they’re more than just undergarments. Wear them alone over skirts, pants, and shorts or instantly dress them up with cardigans and blazers. They’re versatile for creating different looks on short notice. Layer them under any outfit for extra warmth in the colder months too. The array of looks is endless.

2. Well-crafted camisoles last longer than cheaply made ones. 

Investing in a good camisole over the cheapy, throw-away ones is worth every penny. Trust us, they look better when being used as a stand in for tanks and perform better through multiple washes and wears. Just as not every t-shirt is made equal, neither is every camisole worth your time. So look for that higher standard of craftsmanship. 

With their slim straps and easy ability to serve as a multipurpose garment, you might want to check out camisoles in a few different fabrics that share the same durability, beautiful shape, and superior stitching. You won’t regret stocking up on different types and colors so you have lots of options when it comes to those indecisive mornings of trying on a million things before deciding what to wear. 

3. You’ll wear them all the time (so getting the good ones is totally worth it)

Once you find a camisole you like, you’ll wear it all the time and want one in every color. If you don’t want to dive in head first, start with the basics. Get yourself a black one, a white one, and another closest to your skin color. That way you’ll be prepared for wearing them under sheer blouses (skin-tone colored camis work best for when you don’t want it to look like you’re wearing a camisole) as well as any other use you find for them. 

Tommy John’s Air camisole is an ultralight option that works well during travel and stays put throughout the day. 

4. Good camisoles are classier and can double as comfy lingerie

You can get cleaner, sexier lines in better made camisoles like those from Tommy John. The Second Skin camisole is made of our smoothest, silkiest fabric and has an extended length to stay tucked no matter what. It doesn’t bunch up and serves as a fitted slip under dresses and skirts. 

When something feels this good, you’re sure to exude an enticing confidence. But our beautiful camis also look good, making a Tommy John cami all the more indispensable. 

5. Camisoles double as light sleepwear, too!

Tommy John’s extra breathable Cool Cotton camisole also stays tucked, has flexible straps for easy adjusting, and is comfortable enough to fall asleep in or use for everyday wear. For women who prefer to wear something other than pajamas to bed, pairing Cool Cotton camis and panties is the perfect alternative. 

So, you see how a good camisole works like a double agent in more ways than one. With anti-microbial fabrics that prevent odors and pilling, along with moisture wicking features in each camisole of Tommy John’s collection, there’s no reason not to make Tommy John camisoles your everyday-wear. Any outfit you’re trying to put together becomes complete when paired with the comfort, style, and functionality of a premium cami. 

So get your closet ready to go for that perfect camisole that lasts and expands your wardrobe into a delightful spread of new outfit arrangements. But just a heads-up - once you get your hands on a good one, you’ll want them on standby in every color. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!