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Women's underwear: How to choose from the (many, many, many) options

Let’s face it: Finding and buying women’s underwear you really love can be complicated. With so many options to choose from, by the time you get around to considering practical things like perfect fit and breathable fabrics, you may just be over the idea of underwear shopping completely. But it doesn’t have to be totally overwhelming. 

Here are some pointers you can use to develop your basic, minimum standards to quickly spot the duds, eliminate the guesswork, and find some skivvies you adore: 

1. Know your measurements

Depending on the way your body is shaped, some underwear styles may feel more comfortable than others. It’s important to know your waist and hip measurements for finding the best fit. Measure your natural waist (find it by bending sideways and checking where your waist makes a crease at the bend). Then measure your hips while keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground. Keep these numbers handy when shopping. 

Even with the most thoughtful collections that fit just about any woman comfortably, you should know your measurements so you can be as discerning as you like when looking for the best fit. This way you avoid unnecessary tugging, sagging, and rising from underwear that doesn’t quite fit your size or shape. For a detailed guide on how to measure your hips and waist, explore our underwear size chart. You’ll definitely enjoy more freedom to explore other styles and options. 

2. Find a brand you actually trust

Look for a designer that provides honest and detailed narratives, reviews, and support about panty fit, fabric, and comfort. Designers with at least five styles in their collection and a clear willingness to stand behind their products is the only way to go when it comes to finding the best panties available. You don’t want any rolling or bunching but you also want to look out for the best cotton in a range of styles that offer no VPL (visible panty line). 

By the way - if you don’t love your first pair of Tommy John underwear, we’ll replace it with something you do love. Or we’ll give you your money back. That’s our guarantee.

3. Always put comfort first

No matter how good you look, you probably won’t look your best for long in uncomfortable undergarments. Always put comfort before fashion - because if you feel good, you’ll have that extra boost of confidence that enhances your natural charm. Thankfully, with Tommy John panties, you have multiple options to choose from like the Air Collection, our breathable underwear line that prioritize comfort without compromising on style. 

When you have a brand that uses science, engineering, and design, they converge to not only create the best fit, but properly frame your delightful derriere and allow you to comfortably move throughout your day. With Tommy John, you have your choice of Boyshorts, High Rise Briefs, Briefs, Cheekys, and Thongs. And they’re are all made from breathable cotton, designed to wear like they’re not even there.

4. Keep a variety of styles on hand

Don’t own a thong because you hate the riding up your backside? Or do you prefer thongs to all other underwear because it’s the only thing that hides your panty line under certain clothing? When it comes to minimizing panty lines, rolling, sagging, and bunching, Tommy John has thought of every detail obsessively to provide the best designs that come in an array of colors and patterns to go with everything in your closet.  

We recommend having a few of each style on hand to work with all your wardrobe needs. After all, skirts and trousers that sit low on the hips are likely to have different panty requirements than a comfy dress on a windy day.   

The bottom line: The proof is in the panty

It’s easier than ever to choose underwear when you go with a brand that makes comfort and quality the priority. All the work is done for you ahead of time so you can focus on style and colors and think less about the technicalities and risk. 

If you don’t own a pair of TJs yet, it’s time to set a new standard for yourself! Get some underwear that adapts to your needs and lifestyle instead of the other way around. When you choose from Tommy John’s women’s underwear collection you really can avoid all the awkwardness, simplify your decision making, and never lose money on a bad fit again.